It is constant and I had never once thought that it was slow paced Glad to see Kiroumaru did not betray them. The Death Feedback syndrome is really starting to be a double edged sword. BBCode If you really want to fit in, just put Legend of the Galactic Heroes in your top 5 and have it be the only rated anime in your list. This episode has a lot of gore! I seriously had NO problems at all with hardly anything Show posts by this member only Post 7.

Yes, this is the episode that we needed! I thought it was so well shown. Nov 5 , Inconsistent directing, heavy dialog, complex story, yaoi. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see more about this. Can’t grasp this anime well Everything had an effect on them. This is definitely a bad sign.

I’ll also agree with you about what you said regarding Saki being in the Ethics Committee. So glad this is a double-season-er! My mind was too busy being mystified to seek out cleavage! Feb 10 Audible Download Audio Books. Another good intense episode.

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Show posts by this member only Post 3. Utilitarians philosophers believe any price is worth it as long as the result is net benefit to society, but other believe it is our duty to give equal right to all regardless of the cost.

It was bothering me a lot until now. Why after hundreds of years of studying Cantus had they not seen the correlation between mental health and the effects of control over Cantus seems a little much to me.


Glad to see Kiroumaru did not betray them. It had the same amazing feeling as the first few episodes. I can so imagine this in my head. Yakumo uses that ability to solve cases! I laughed more than i needed Wat u dd there.

From the New World

Watch Shingeki no Kyojin: Gave us some “secret” background information. Can’t get enough of this wonderful and intriguing plot! Sep 30 Shinsekai yori Episode 12 Disc This anime is so baffling. It is something that catches your attention straight away, and an anime that makes you think.

I agree with what Cirris said about this show as a reflection on Japan’s stance on mental health issues.

Love is a song. Filmer jeg vil se nu! Karma demons are simply people who lose the ability to control their Cantus and their subconscious flows outward endlessly. I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning, help jori to breathe. Inconsistent directing, episose dialog, complex story, yaoi.

If you remember, in the second episode, Shun read the story about the Karma Demon while in the first episode Maria read the story about the fiend. I like how they used the OST’s everytime. Mamoru being the weakest, it had a greater effect on him. You know an anime is good when just one of its arcs is already better than most anime.


Looks like the two stories that were taught to the selai in previous – Akki and Gouma – episodes were a silent warning. Is the Fiend male or female?

Gonna binge-watch this weekend. Their society decided to ignore this and let the abuse continue although they saw they effect it had on K. The background and sceneries are gorgeous though, definitely. But it also stops them from being able to fight back in a dire situation like when a psychopath like K comes along.

K backstory was brutal. Nov 10 At least, Shun didn’t go rampage in the village. The more we get enlightened on this show Mar 26 They don’t want more tragedies happening.

Shinsekai Yori As i mentioned below, first episode seriosuly got me sooo intrigued on what the entire series actually is about I’m so happy about epiosde a fantastic anime it is. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

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