Email Required, but never shown. The animation was great, although I do have to say something about how the 3d maneuver gear moved in some scenes. Curious what the anime-only people will think. Hatsuyuki Kami-sama Offline Joined: Sign up using Email and Password. It’s not like it was all stills either – there were some really good looking moments. I think you’re exaggerating.

Sometimes, they are better than animation. Just saying it’s kinda redundant to complain about it. Oh snap, that epic Titan from last week, one raging boss. Point is we are greedy as the next Chihaya and we don’t have Mikasa cell number. I can hear his heart beating Too moe, I’m going to die. I’m greedy and want based Wit Studio to animate everything.

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Available on Manga Store. Continuing that line of thought, where we assume the new government didn’t arbitrarily change the dating system just because they could, the “Year ” would mean that we began using a new dating system at some point in the future, starting at 0 or 1. Well,the death cyclus of a titan is Or they slave-driving them for the next arc?

They have not yet indicated in the anime or manga exactly what happened at Year 0. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: The faithfulness to the manga. I want to know zeroxnime many non readers saw the twist at the end coming.


Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. These are a few of the things which show that the titans are almost certainly a result of our own creation, developed through some advanced future technology. There was about a minute of stills at the very most.

Why is she such perfection? Is there any indication or mention of what year zero or one of their calendar is, as well as what their calendar is based off of?

Though the world seems to be relatively similar to ours having Asia, etc. I can hear his heart beating Too moe, I’m going to die.

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Any, I saw great action, character development of Armin. Great fcking episode, one of the best.

Oh, and the most important part of this episode was in the preview. The world seen inside the walls is not in any way representative of the outside world which existed before that, since the government has outlawed all information regarding the outside world and its history.

Some high budget short ones or movies might not but it’s not very often.

Bake sold a lot and it had a huge amount of stills. The two titans didn’t even see that Falcon Punch coming. Sometimes, they are better than animation.

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Especially when something so significant happened halfway through that they felt the need to reset the calendar back to Year 0. Spoilers from the manga: Fans of other manga series are going to be praying that Wit adapts their favorite manga. Maybe another World War? The stills haven’t really bugged me much so zeroanike, but that part in the middle of the episode was really bad.


Considering the advanced level of technology it’s suggested was used to engineer the titans, this appears to have a significant chance of being correct.

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Sjingeki can hear his heart beating. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. How do you guys watch any other show? As Amarrez said, it’s a choice of animating important scenes, aside budget and all.