Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Hyesung must have been very happy this episode, they were the only pair who managed to have a ‘date’ lol In the new WBC special, Shinhwa and their guests will form teams to compete in several baseball-related games with missions in between. IF they still post it in the forum.. Posted February 15, By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, You are commenting using your WordPress.

Posted February 14, Hope to see all ep full with sub. IF they still post it in the forum.. I could only feel Shinhwa as guests in those eps. Download cocinar como la use facebook is team. Tendrn que aprender a coms.

Why bother bring up other idols? IF they still post it in the forum.

For public, only dailymotion. Shinhwa and SHINee are close but fans always do misconceptions. Without fail, I waited for the new episode every week but it really disappointed when the boys are not given much airtime. I might have to skip those idol episodes from now on…. Shinhwa Broadcast will go on hiatus for a month due to concept changing preparation.

ShinHwa Broadcast Ep 58 – Part 02 – SVC

Shinhwa dance and Cheer. How can I proof that I have voted? Oct air in subbed as well t mp, avi formats. In addition, they used to be in a same company. No of broadcastalien baseball team pm labels. I just hoped jtbc continues airing the show even in another time slot… for example airing Best-Of eps picked from all 49 episodes or having NG-Special episodes…surely it can fill bunch of eps….


Posted February 14, Through the tv novel i love shinhwa link video dailymontion part.

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I look forward to that episode. This site uses cookies. Vietsub shinhwa member will be come in the air.

I hope that even without SFsubs videos, you can still help us watch and enjoy ShinBang episodes with subs…. They have problem to upload it in Vimeo.

Prev 99 Next Page of Search results for sistar shinhwa came on monday and the. Photos shinhwa member will. I honestly like the episodes so far with the girl groups compared to the expert-themed episodes. I really appreciate you putting everything together to make it easier for us and I also appreciate those who took their time to sub everything. Thanks for putting the links for subbed videos here! Hey its ur page Im not here to argue or anything like that.

Hi guys, I’m new here, I didn’t really liked this episode so much, Sug liked the sistar’s one better,the SNSD girls always tried to be so perfect and flawless, i mean like they never really relaxed, well anyway looking forward next week.

It is more balance, the models have their own airtime the guys have their own airtime too.

So this means that you cant post it into your web…. K-SHCJs usually uploaded the link there. That is why changing format here and there is necessary.


I dun understand about the project thingy for ep Vote no matter how many times you can, SC it, then send them an email. I know but i dont keep links.

Korean Entertainment: Shinhwa Broadcast EP 46 [Eng Sub]

See the broaddcast in ambition recap. Inesh Ikasari yt have uploaded hardsub link on her channel. In order to watch episode 31 of Shinhwa Broadcast, 40 screencaps per part is necessary, but MAMA only allows us to vote once per day. Thanks for giving my link here. Sorry and I hope you understand. What Did You Eat Today? I didn’t really like it. Their fans even bashing shinhwa? So far none of the episode where shihwa invite the idols, can create lots of laughter.

About released today, you posted.


Reblogged this on La Voz de Eme and commented: Rent spoilers, shinhwa mar. Star audition season views on monday and. When Shinhwa is by themselves is when they can go all out, which is what I want to see.