While descending, both Amu and Ikuto take note of their new forms. The scene then shows Kazuomi Hoshina , the director of Easter, explaining his plot. Kairi, who recovered and took Amu’s advice, starts searching for him, while Amu and Tadase already were. Using his powers, he lifts a lot of things off the ground. The Guardian Characters sensed this, and Amu transformed into Amulet Heart after catching up with the man. Nagihiko tells Rima and Yaya to go look for the source while Amu and Tadase purify the eggs. When walking to school, she notices Tadase hurt as well.

To Who I Used to Be!! Yaya brings in a stray kitten that she had found. Would like to apply for Disqus Moderator, click here. Amu and Ikuto reveal that Hikaru is Gozen, Easter’s boss. An Easter worker calls Lulu away from the festival and informs her that Ikuto has stolen his violin away from Easter. They try to interview DL, but security is too strict. Amu also transforms, turning into Amulet Fortune.

Tadase gets a serious look on his face and tells Amu that Ikuto is nothing but a black cat who brings misfortune.

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While Amu is studying, Tadase comes over to her house and Amu’s mother suggests they talk in Amu’s room. The next day, Koyomi is shown with distress, but she predicts a classmate’s fortune. Tadase begins to suspect things even more, and Amu gets worried. Lulu later finds Ikuto, with his violin over his shoulder, struggling to walk from the previous escape.

Amu notices this and picks it up on her way to the Royal Garden. Ikuto begins to feel pain, but Kazuomi forces him to play epiisode. Amu, accepting the invitation, follows Utau into a ramen shop, where they meet Haruki Maruyama, someone who criticizes ramen-eating styles. At home, the two talk and her mother tells her that she wanted a break from movies because Lulu was always waiting for her.

Eventually, Mamoru realizes he is in the wrong, changing his? The Guardians are gathered at a cafe, and Miki is observing some cake, which Ran steals and eats.


After saying Ikuto’s name aloud, he pops down suddenly from the tree. When Amu goes back to her room, she doesn’t see Ikuto or Yoru. One night Amu makes a wish that she would have the courage to be reborn as her “would-be” self. The other Guardians come to help Amu and at the end, they defeat Twin Dream. The scene then shows Kazuomi Hoshinathe director of Easter, explaining his dpki. Egg transforms to an X Egg, which Amu purifies, and Saaya is back to normal.

Amu dreams about what Tadase told her in the previous episode. Amu and Lulu promise to meet again. Amu also transforms, turning into Amulet Fortune.

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You then should find it. In Easter, Kazuomi goes to tell Gozen he will have the Embryo soon, but he’s not in his office. After a while, Ran and Miki lose track of where Diamond is and begin fighting again. Involuntarily going 10 a cooking class ran by Lulu’s fathershe meets Yukina Kogure, a patissier who’s entering a gohoanime.

Amu compliments Yukina’s goods, and Yukina says she is giving them to Daisuke, a boy who hates chocolate. Tadase is buying flowers for his grandmother, and he tells Amu that Ikuto is a black gogoanimme that brings misfortune, but Amu can not see how Ikuto is that way. The egg eventually hatches to reveal Kiran, Hinako’s Guardian Character. Archived from the original on June 10, Archived from the original on May 18, At first, Nayuta is highly enthusiastic about UFOs, but after she learns the crop circle was a prank, her self-esteem lowers to the point where Nana could detect it.

Ran calls her cheeky, they all get angry at each other, and Su flies off. Where can you watch Shugo Chara episode 34? Relieved, she goes to the closet, only to have Ikuto fall out of it, onto her.

Shugo Chara!

10 Amu and Tadase confront Ikuto as Death Rebel. Lulu brushes her off, angering Amu immensely. Using his powers, he lifts a lot of things off the ground. She, Kukai, and the Guardians discuss and decide to find the owner of the egg. In their clumsiness, the Easter employees drop some of their X Eggs while on dooi pursuit for more. Nikaidou catches up with the girls and they look ahead to their future.


Amu still hasn’t heard from Yua though, and begins to worry. No hentai is allowed in any case. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to control the player Note: After Nana refuses to eat, Lulu trips on the waste basket and finds out that Nana ate all of the banana yokan. After that, they decide to go to the lake the next day. Ikuto mentions that Amu has changed somehow.

He uses it and Ikuto falls back into the controlled state.

Ikuto tells her not to cry. Amu uses Dlki Heart to purify the X Eggs. Epizode a girl named Hinako moves away, her Guardian Egg drops out from her package. Lulu joins in and impresses everyone with her skills.

They go back to meet Amu and the others, who are all wondering where Yoru and Kiseki are. Amu becomes the 1 popular girl at school. Yaya and Amu find the kitten and the Guardians propose a search party for the kitten’s owner. Amu and Tadase run off to see the cause. The concert goes on as a big success thanks to the help of the Guardians and providing the special effects from their power attacks.

Ikuto feels some pain but it goes away later because the device had lost connection.