The reason why Ikuto left one day is to come with Tsukasa to learn more about his father. Yaya teases him, causing Amu and Tadase to blush and Saaya to become upset. He tries to lift a rocket-style play set, but the Guardians hold it down. On Amu’s way home, she bumps into a little boy. Egg into an X Egg, which Amu purifies. They find Ikuto, and Yoru attempts to get him, but Ikuto won’t budge. When Amu makes a high school boy, Yugaku Iwagaki, angry, she gets more than she bargained for as he chases the female Guardians all around the school. While the rest of the Guardian Characters are asleep, Diamond awakes and appears as a projection and gives who is in the egg reassurance.

Rima and Yaya are cleaning around a fountain when Yaya gets sick of it and throws her broom. Amu’s Colorful Canvas is overpowered by Hitomi’s power, so Amu tries attacking with a new move: After the kids’ playing breaks a vase, Tadase’s mother and grandmother talk about Ikuto and Aruto Tsukiyomi. They finally find the other Guardians and tell them where Rima and Yaya are. Kairi then Character Changes in time. He asks why, but Tadase sees the Dumpty Key in Ikuto’s hands. When Amu looks at Tadase, the students see them looking at each other and think the two are ‘going out,’ and write this in the newspaper.

At the end of the school day, Tadase asks Amu out on a date in the evening, and Amu goes home to find out what she could wear. Archived from the original on June 10, Ikuto annoys Amu all through the day, causing Amu to become immensely irritated.

Amu hsugo thinking about telling them about Ikuto, but changes her mind and asks why Tadase has a grudge against him. Would you like to merge this question into it? Amu remembers Ikuto and realizes he needs a shower.

How much episodes are in Shugo Chara Doki? Yaya brings in a stray kitten that she had found. Tadase thinks on how you can not only use words to tell a episodf how you feel, thinking back on when Amu and Yoru snapped Ikuto out of his trance with their strong feelings. Amu finds Saito later. The Guardians are gathered at a cafe, and Miki is observing some cake, which Ran steals and eats. Lulu is fired of Easter for her acts from the last episode.


The next day, Lulu leaves for France, because her mother landed a movie role.

Where can you watch shugo chara doki episode 81? The two do not get along well, and they are fogoanime because Yua abandoned her dreams of being a singer in favor of modeling. Seeing the opportunity, she turned his Heart’s Egg into a? Lulu later finds Ikuto, chada his violin over his shoulder, struggling to walk from the previous escape.

Yaya reveals that Utau is having another concert. While the other Guardians distract the staff, Amu and Tadase manage to get backstage.

Lulu notices this and keeps a close eye on her. Nikaidou, Kukai, and Kairi are already packing.

Tsukasa shows the young Hikaru a picture book, but he angrily dismisses it as pointless and rips a page out of it. Archived from the original on March 10, Yoru joins them, but he can’t get Ikuto to come to his senses. They both manage to find the music tuner which controls Ikuto. They decide to listen to the concert and protect everyone’s Hearts’ Eggs. The Calico Cat Search Party!? However, Nagihiko proposes that Amu be the “representative” and see Tadase by herself, because too many people seeing Tadase wouldn’t be good for him.

They wake them up and take them back to the Royal Garden. Later, Lulu meets Manami again and turns her Heart’s Egg into a? They go back up to meet the group and witness the reforming of the giant X Character.

Everyone transforms, but they seem to be having problem to handling them on their own.

Where can you watch Shugo Chara Doki episode 83 with English subtitles

Releasing a gentle breeze of wind energy as he dances, he sends the X Eggs head over heels. Several pieces of theme music are used over the course of the series—two opening themes by Shugo Chara Egg! The other Guardians have found the secret passageway and soon find Rima and Yaya after opening the door.


Later, Amu overhears Kairi saying he doesn’t want to see Amu anymore, because of what he lacks. Lulu’s grandma asks Lulu what her dream is. Eggs, making them transform into Twin Dream. Later that day, Amu appears at the Royal Garden and Ran is about to show the hatched Diamond to her, when they see that Diamond has gone back into her egg.

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When Amu makes a high school boy, Yugaku Iwagaki, angry, she gets more than she bargained for as he chases episide female Guardians all around the school. The next day, Choco sees a man painting graffiti and tries to stop him while dressed up in her cat outfit, but it turns out the guy was actually drawing a mural.

Lulu sees the Easter vans and dances into the one where Ikuto is being held.

Energy from Ikuto’s violin drips and chada into an Egg. Amu forgets about her date with Tadase and goes to help Ikuto pack. Retrieved December 12, Tadase begins to suspect things even more, and Amu gets worried. Lulu and Nana are walking down the street when they see a baseball -playing girl practicing her pitches.

Archived from the original on February 28, Temari’s egg reacts and hatches, and Nagihiko Character Transforms with her to become Yamato Maihime. Utau ga Uchi ni Yattekita! She compliments Yaya for her hard sbugo, then tells Amu and Tadase to go.