Seung-jo points out that the CEO does not want anyone working for him to dress shabbily. Cheongdamdong Alice will be in my romantic drama favorite list. Se-kyung takes note, recognizing the French dishes with her near-perfect accent. With only a glimpse of his clothing, she can only guess if that man is Jean Thierry Cha. He meets Se-kyung at the cafe, and she immediately gets down to business about the party. Just more of them together is all I need. I hope he sticks with rom-coms! This was truly a light darked episode, even though there was a kiss i was so mad at se lyung for been such a cold hearted girl to poor seung jo

If he finds out that his son is being matched with the daughter of GN Fashion, he would not oppose it. It might be quick for Se Kyung to fall for Seung Jo so fast. But it’s better than his. Win a Japanese Snack box today! So cute when he hit Seung Jo’s cue and said “stop fantasizing” and then “do it and then tell me” hehe. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Seung-jo points out one difference — at least Se-kyung has a better relationship with her father than he does. Se-kyung no longer wants to work in a situation where she must style a person without ever seeing him, without ever getting to deal with him.

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I wonder if he will have a love line with Se Kyung? One of the best EP I have seen from all the drama I’m watching right now A young fashion designer seizes the opportunity to marry into a wealthy family, and finds out more about love and herself along the way, in this modern Korean take on several age old stories. She is one super conflicting character in this drama Cha Seung-jo thinks about what happens between him and Han Se-kyung, and he is very nervous about it.


A really fun episode. And she wants to snag him anyway. While the drama of her hardening her heart to accomplish wealth is really interesting, where it is coming worries me. Best High School Dramas. Edit Did You Know? Whichever she chooses, this series is better whenever comedy comes into play. My take is that we don’t have all the elements to understand her decision.

Katie December 19, at 3: After the call, Yoon-joo relives her own memories of when she struck the deal with Il-nam to leave Seung-jo. Just by being abroad and coming from a wealthy family, he certainly had more opportunities than Se-kyung and had certain advantages that could have put him on a different starting level than she.

I’m not liking the Tommy Hong character, although the actor who plays him is really good. Ah-jung is merely trying to fish for information about the CEO and get Se-kyung to meet him directly. sinopsi

Lovebug December 20, at Every once in a kdrama while, there comes along aloce that is just enjoyable. They could donate the clothes to Royal Group, who is hosting their own party. Back to the party, Tommy Hong sees Han Se-kyung’s phone that she accidentally leaves at the party and picks it up. The truth is he knows exactly where his father is, but just chooses not to see him at all.

But what I wasn’t expecting was to fall really hard for Park Shi Hoo. She seems overly worried for nothing lol. The series finale recorded its highest ratings with a viewership of She then decided to have Seung-jo as her new white rabbit. Episode 3 by Regals. He was episod recovering thanks to her! But after watching Episode 8, I am so frustrated.

And that scene where Ah Jung teaches her how to play hard to get just makes me want to flip the table.


Cheongdam-dong Alice

Oh my goodness, what a cliffhanger!!! One of the hottest scenes I’ve seen. What we’re watching by DB Staff. Because overall he is much more grounded in these last two episodes.

Now at the party, after battling with his own will, he finally gains the courage and goes into the party. Maybe, they’re addicted with the show as well. I especially loved the opening scene or rather the closing scene from the previous episode where they are just standing there smiling at each other and she thanks him. And he has the ability to turn it off on depending on the situation.

Twitter Facebook Email Print. This series gets off to a somewhat uneven start, and seems to have been rushed into production on the fly. Their daily lives are complicated by overlapping love triangles and comic misadventures.

But now I want to know what Seung-jo learned from Secretary Moon. Shin and Min-hyuk like the idea, while Yoon-joo keeps quiet, trying to figure drmaa just how much In-hwa knows about her ties to the Cha family. So cute when he hit Seung Jo’s cue and said “stop fantasizing” and then “do it and then tell sinopssis hehe. Lovebug December 19, at 8: And I get that she’s determined to change from a Candy Girl to While waiting in a cafe, Ah-jung logs in to the company website and looks up the secretarial department.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had that experience before. I was so happy with their kiss.