Do you know the name of the singer and the title of the song that was playing during the scene in the teddy bear museum? There’s never enough Woo Bin though. I really was hoping the first round with the chocolates bit would be enough for her. He was really speaking from the heart. Your email address will not be published. I found it strange. Grandma Housekeeper echoes those sentiments, warning Jun-pyo not to let his guard down:

I did agree with you previously about Ga-eul being smart, but I suppose I am impressionable and agree with taking it back You could tell the date wouldn’t end well For what should have been a Monday episode, this one wasn’t alcohol-drowning bad. On February 27th, Goo Hye Sun was hospitalized after a car accident. What would make Jun Pyo’s mom finally accept Jan Di? Maybe Yi-jung’s first love wasn’t actually a love? Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie.

The ramen part was the one which they filmed recently on monday after GHS discharged from hospital.

I would even argue–within the context of this drama–that Xinopsis shows more love for JP by setting him free than JD has throughout the show. I thought she was a pretty cool character even thought she was really selfish at some parts. Mustering some cheer, Jan-di offers to buy Ji-hoo dinner, so they leave the river and head to a restaurant…. I saw on your twitter that some people have been pressuring you to finish it asap.

And the last scene I’ve actually read the manga and watched the dorama version, and remember that nice old guy that helped mean Domyouji’s Mom finally give in? I am interested in how the Korean adaption will take their story.


Seriously, JiHoo is too beautiful to be real.

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Although Jae-kyung more or less steamrollered Jan-di into their friendship, Jan-di has developed an affection for her, and a part of her feels guilty for taking away the man Jae-kyung loved.

He pushes the boy aside a few times, wriggling his way between Jan-di and the kid to claim her attention which is all done in fun.

Mr Jung – he is my favourite guy after jihoo. Page 1 Page 2 Sijopsis 3 … Page 7 Next page. She’s the wrecking ball to their foundation. The ending looks like it’s gonna be rushed is ep 25 confirmed yet?

And when Jan Di talks to Darth Mama.

Ji Hoo ah, keok jeong ma. I watched Episode 23 with the critical dial turned down and enjoyed much of it — it was cute at points, and touching at others. I thought the same thing for Yi Jung and GaEul Ji-hoo is startled, but smiles to himself — well, that potential problem worked itself out nicely.

And it gives JD free food, god knows her dram ass needs it: I’m a complete lunatic. Bridge scene – 1st breakup in Macau ep 14 3. I was laughing seeing Jun-Pyo’s blanket and telescope I always enjoy watching Jun-pyo showcase his kid at heart personality.

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Jun-pyo watches for a moment, then turns and silently leaves. Episodes by LollyPip. I actually like the ramen scene. Knowing them, they’ll be filming the final episode on Monday.


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I really wanted him to work for her! Because of that, I wanted reassurance from him about his feelings for Jan-di so I felt better when he said the L word. And I’m kinda regretting it and also at the same time not.

The last few minutes of the episode was cute. It’s gonna be way too rushed and jam packed into 2 hrs. Let me make clear that I totally get that in the manga, Shigeru is the one ddrama stops the wedding to spare Doumyouji the consequences of backing out himself.

I’m sure he would have taken a much drastic measure if he really knew all the stuff Mama Kang had done to Jan-di behind his back. Where epsode the focus between our two main couples gone?

Once Jan-di finds a way to get her approval I’m sure it’ll be a much smoother sailing for our love birds. I wish they could end up together. The fact that he now has to live under the same roof of the girl he loves but can’t have is bbbf cruel for the poor boy.