Prior to the release of Insidious: He goes to the attic, but is attacked by the same figure that attacked Renai. Chapter 3 , was released on June 5, to a high box office gross and a mixed critical response. Email required Address never made public. The Last Key “. Upon arriving, Lorraine recounts the story of a patient named Parker Crane who was admitted for trying to castrate himself. At home that looks beautiful but mysterious, they are ready to live a better life.

Chapter 2 was rescheduled for a September 20 release date. In other projects Wikiquote. Sejarah mereka terulang kembali. Positive reviews have focused on the filmmakers’ ability to build suspense. I will really happy to discuss this film with you. Ain’t It Cool News. Further, Lorraine discloses that Josh is also a gifted traveler and must seek out Dalton in Further and bring him back. Pages with script errors.

Skor yang aku kasi 5.

Josh suddenly appears behind Renai, and she indidious around and gasps. Chapter 3Leigh Whannell was asked, “If there is a Insidious: Email required Address never made public. Realizing it’s her childhood home, Elise departs to help him.

Chapter 2 Furious 7 The Conjuring 2 Aquaman Elise tells Josh that the only way to rescue Dalton is for him to go into The Further. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Insidious establishes that these folks can make a film that operates on an entirely different level, sans gore, or obvious gimmicks. Renai is haunted by a woman in white and Josh has a strange behavior at home. Twenty-five years later, Renai Lambert is under questioning about the death of Elise.


Karena itu, Josh adalah orang satu-satunya yang bisa membawa arwah Dalton kembali ke tubuhnya dengan ritual-ritual tertentu. Renai receives a call from the police stating that the fingerprints do not match Josh. The website’s critical consensus reads, ” Insidious: Retrieved January 5, Chapter 2 Sub Indonesia. The Lambert family relocate to Lorraine’s house as the investigation continues.

She has also inherited the gift that Elise holds. Please bring great story for the next chapter please! Specs kills Ted in self defense.

Sinopsis Film Insidious 2 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Filming in Highland Park”. Elise reveals that her acquaintance with Lorraine is decades old, and had previously helped Josh when he was eight years old. Carl arrives to drug him, accompanied by Specs and Tucker, but Josh manages to subdue all three. This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat Bahada what happened to Dalton? A prequel film, Insidious: Thanks to ineidious partner of Elise, they lift the film up because of their jokes. In the basement, Melissa is attacked by the demon from Elise’ past, known as “Key Face.

Menurutku itu film yang worth it to watch sih. Inside, filn discover a young woman being held prisoner. Retrieved June 6, It’s what might jump out of the closet.


Sinopsis Film Insidious Chapter 2. Chapter 2 began on Sonopsis 15,in Los Angeles. But where the first movie plays like a classic haunted house film, the second one plays more like a domestic thriller with supernatural elements to it. On the next sunopsis, Dalton does not wake up and stays in coma, but the doctors are not able to diagnose his problem.

Hendrix Green Blankenship likes. Chapter 2 Insidious: After, Elise fled the house in fear of another beating from her father, abandoning Christian.

Sinopsis Film Insidious 2 – Chapter 2 – Bali Backpacker

Mending film dengan cerita ngga seberapa bagus tapi pesan moralnya dapet. Elise and Imogen return to the real world and reunite with Melissa and Christian. Awal sih mikir, kok jayus banget sih nih film. Aku ngikutin semua series nya insidious. Elise realizes that like Ted, her father also kidnapped women and held them in the secret room.

The musical score to Insidious: This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Gahasa the United States and Canada, Insidious: I will really happy to discuss this film with you. Christian is still furious at Elise for abandoning him.