Twitter Updates RT dmtroll: And before I knew it, here we are, at the end. Yoon reports to Won which person has how many percentage of stocks. I rewatched this episode countless times and I still giggled at the lovey dovey scenes of our cheesiest couple. But Yoon is surprised that Won seems happy with just 50 th. I hope that their weight is not the reason you break apart.

She was planning to go see him again soon after…. When in episode 4, Tan sits on bench at his school campus with his arms hugging his knees, and his notebook laid out in front of him. When Yoon explains that he and CY came fishing because the final exams are done, Won is reminded to ask Tan about his result. At her house, ES reads a letter that Tan has left with an owl doll. Back to ES and Tan walking in the street. And I really wanted to watch our sexy male leads!

He stares at her from outside the window, but before she can see him, he hides. Yang points out that it sounds like Won is saying he will marry her- is he okay with that? This is the weight of the crown he has to bear.

CY asks Yoon if he has no plans to remarry or date, but Yoon just asks again when CY will be ready to support him instead. They open the door… and Sora nearly topples in for having leaned her ear against the door.

Daughter of a deposed crime boss, makes a living delivering live fish to Busan eateries, and other odd jobs such as sushi chef and homestay rentals, dreams of regaining control of her childhood home, the Haeundae Hotel. Yoon does the same. But I enjoyed you recap, a lot. You are commenting using your Facebook account. There was too much summarization going on, leading to a decrease in the emotional impact of what one well-written ending scene could have give us.


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Well that was a sweet ending for our couple. Notify me of new comments via email. Won and HJ sit across from each other at a cafe. Nowadays its really hard to find people who loves kdramas because of the story and its lessons. Even though we sat close together, we were so far from each other.

Sinopsis Drama Haeundae Lovers (Tamat)

People vote, and the results are tallied. Someone got this man out of the hospital!

Eventually, two people who up, still loyal to the Chairman after 20 years of allegiance. And today, dinopsis was Young Do. I rewatched this episode countless times and I still giggled at the lovey dovey scenes of our cheesiest couple. But Yoon is surprised that Won seems happy with just 50 th.

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JS thanks her for being here, but Esther declares that she has not made up her mind yet. Tam Hee sputters angrily that Joon Hyuk should never have brought her lovegs, even though Young Sook is a shareholder. However, I’m still puzzled on the JH and Sora relationship, were they sister and brother with the same biological mom?

I enjoyed the cute couple and the uncles. Then, Yoon runs up to announce that Chairman Kim has woken up, and he is in surgery now.

Tae Sung bids Joon Hyuk farewell, and tells Sora lovere come inside: The lawyers reassure YD, telling him not to worry about anything and to go one as usual; they will take care of everything. Sometimes the story was stagnant, and sometimes it moved too fast.


Esther is holding a meeting with her designers, when R comes in. Aww… that makes Tae Sung lean in close, and he puckers up immensely. Oh boy — if it were not for the fact that I know they hate each other, I would have thought they were flirting. This time he enters. JS advices him to never let down his defenses. I am a young boy who might lose his father soon, and the young son that is especially loved by the Chairman. I had such a good time watching and as long as drama gives me joy it’s good enough to be called good.

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They will give me strength when I miss you. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: MS takes a picture of him, saying he is commemorating the face of someone who has crossed the threshold of the world. Played nicely, not heavy handed, light enough, funny as all get out, and just nice and satisfying. Love this show, just watching it on KBS World now. Tan gets his notebook mailed back from his teacher from the US.

Please stay us up to date like this. Yay for a good lighthearted drama! Though we may fall again, we move sinopsos.