I love everything about you, even your vomit? I was not love for Shin Mina was pure eye candy. Contrary to what the others have said, I actually liked this drama during those days. When he turns his back, she jumps. Oh I love que sera sera, its a drama that is still good watching it years later. Its the first drama I’ve ever hated.

This somewhat is similar to Will It Snow For Christmas – the actors make you believe as if such characters exist, maybe not in reality, but in the aspect of emotion. I agree with everyone else, that the post-vomit kiss was positively wretched, but the night kiss on the beach gave me tingles. Coz I know from this drama that she even developed a rural accent and played such a role, I have high hope for her in then Secret Garden. This drama wasn’t bad for me when I first watched it. I was like watching this for the 10th times already!! This is the first time I found him attractive. Arhazivory March 12, at

O the one with rain? Is Min-gu going to run away again? This is the first time I found him attractive. Plus the fact that this show has every actor that I love to look at. I think you just convinced me to watch this against my better judgment. I loved A Love to Kill, for all its flaws.

Miica March 12, at 8: K March 13, at 1: Mama J March 12, at 5: She crumples to the ground with her groceries. What are the chances kovely falling so hard for someone you had such immense hatred for. The plot at times was a mess, but the conclusion I couldn’t comprehend it at all. But yeah I hated this drama, I don’t know why I put myself through all those torturous hours to finish this, only to be rewarded with a horrible ending. That helped my understanding a lot, because his whole back and forth thing – nice one minute, hateful the next – didn’t seem well-designed to win the girl; but when I could put in the context of his two hearts warring – THEN I could understand his character.


Sad violin music plays as Da-jung views a wedding dress through a store window, and we get a closeup of her neck where a elisode cosmetic burn remains. There’s one scene where Eun Seok stuffs her face then goes outside to vomit. I really wish I wasn’t a whole Ocean away from them because if I was closer I would’ve thrown something at them for making me watch such a crazy lovel.

I was not love for Shin Mina was pure eye candy. They share a beer and some feelings, with Min-gu apologizing for leaving his younger brother alone to face the world for so long.

I can’t believe that I watched this show about 6 years ago – and well, forgot who else was in it besides Rain and Shin Min Ah o. I can’t believe it has been a long time since I saw this drama.

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Joon-sung calls Eun-seok out for a meeting to discuss the scandal. I watched this at the peak of my Rain fever but until today I cannot classify it as a favourite because of the terrible ending.

Since you mentioned ‘Sangdoo’ in your re-cap, I’d like to say one thing about it here: And I’m not saying any of this because I’m a Rain fan either. Rain as a bad boy? Where can I buy the soundtrack?

And though I hated and loved the character, loved the actress who plays Dajung. To be clear, I’m not a fan of melodramas but a hradcore fan of comedy and indie ones. He worships the ground his brother falls on.

For me – first kdrama ever. K March 12, at 8: Very complex but I can relate to this ” I can enumerate all the points against this drama while still having that one all-encompassing embarrassing fact remain: Love your writing style.

I saw the last episode and I was like: Wow, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one out there finding this drama mysteriously addicted or, to be more exact, strangely watchable. He becomes aware that Da-jung has heard everything, but acts as if nothing is wrong.


This was one of lovel first dramas, so everything about it either intrigued, allured, surprised or repulsed me. The songs just bring out intense emotions every time I hear them. Painter22 October 6, at 6: Also, in watching an interview during the filming of the Kdrama My Girl, it became obvious that Lee Da Hae and Lee Jun Ki were sinopsjs, because the 2 were being interviewed together, and he was pouting.

I’m sold – BUT on the other hand i wasn’t sure if i could sit through a 16 episode melodrama, especially a rather old one from 05 which sort of ensures dragging storylines.

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You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The fact that he kissed that mouth that had just spewed out a disgusting river of the foulest stinkiest vomit known to korean drama and perhaps the whole of mankind, proves that he is a very brave man indeed. Sinopsus Shin Mina step into a time machine? I love neels writing style too and hope you will do more recaps.

In view of everyone she calls him out for hesls a pervert and gives him the arm-equivalent of flipping him the bird. But I know that my heart – I couldn’t do what he did.

Or was he trying to tell her subtly: God, I’ll never forget it, it scarred me for life. Rain in all his badass glory, trying to fight his doomed well, he’s convinced.