I guess the moment he created that fake will, the greed started to take over and his sense of justice eventually ended up becoming completely warped. The justice of yours is actually greed. Or maybe to say Cha Don loved her irrespective of how she looked. He didn’t frame any of the Traitagon for something they didn’t do -Angelina murdering Hwang Jang Shik, Prosecutor Kwon’s corruption, SeKwang murdering Hyuk, Reporter Go being outed for his part in taking money in return for not exposing the truth about Lee Joong Man’s murder. But the romance haaaa so get back! And one has to accept the repentant one as Jae In did with her dad.

Daydreamer – i will brace myself and start watching Giant!! I mean, did she disappear off the earth for a couple of months while she was gaining weight by helping her mom eat every cake in Korea? You are commenting using your WordPress. What are you waiting to see? Angelina originally had one made for herself, but managed to get a second one for SeKwang, so they can leave Korea together. Bringing a baddie to life is no easy matter but this is where our villain, Se-kwang, sprung off of the page to present a complex, conflicted, and intriguing character who made you wonder what exactly made him tick.

This was a keeper and I will enjoy it over and over oart. It still won’t beat out History of the Salaryman, but I could feel the touches put in by that team, and I think this drama will improve when held to the test of time.

Kwon’s reputation is dead own, and he’s going to jail.

She was in a hurry to get down the aisle to marry her Cha Don – that was funny when the Dad said to slow down or she will tripped. Hopefully he will enjoy incwrnation time in prison. For me the turning point was incranation Cha Don got his conscience and became someone I could root for.

And while Cha-Don was the physical main character, the real main characters were money and greed.


incarnation of money actors make

I liked Jae in being there for Cha Don and complaining to his mother. I totally loved this drama. Okay, now to the plot: I didn’t read the recaps themselves, but I read your comments before and after each episode so it gave me an idea weither or not I will want to watch it, which I want now.

I want to see him living as the lowest scum on Earth after experiencing all sinopsos goodness of life through his crimes. There are lots of flaws in it but it’s got something dpisode to it. I was waiting and waiting for that kiss up till the very end! Prosecutor Kwon is left alone in the interrogation room.

Incarnation of Money – Wikipedia

The Time-Shifted Actor Instead of using two different actors for the different ages, they used make then called Melody and in an even earlier incarnation. Thanks for the recaps! The nation is in uproar when the real names of the people who collaborated to hide the truth are disclosed, particularly Se-kwang. I think in drama-land it is called divine justice – all the bad guys have to die. What’s wrong with that?

I guess it is fitting for the character as he would never ever admit that he was wrong and will not take responsibility for his actions – as it is always the fault of Lee Cha Don!

There are women and men who would, to the exclusion of the welfare of their children, do harmful things to themselves, the children and other members of the family.

Did Cha Don still has his fortune?

My Name Is Nuri: Original Soundtrack Incarnation of Money

Doneui Hwashin ; I really like both actors and haven’t seen them together. I had also wanted his mother Park Gi Soon to be found not guilty of the murder of her husband eventhough the statue of limitation has been passed – somehow somewhere it is acknowledged in the legal process and not through a documentary on the hideous crime.

Reporter Go gets caught trying to swipe some soju and huffs off when Dad calls him a moneey. I also think most of the baddies got off easy, but then if Se-Gwang had lived, we might be worried that he might break out of jail or wherever and try and pagt Cha-Don again, after the show had ended, lol. One really has to monsy the other cheek and stop perpetuating the need for justice.


Not quite into those yet Both moeny them have their sons as the source of their realization for their crimes, but Bi-ryung seems to ignore her son by making the decision to kill herself along with Se-kwang. Incarnation of Money Bok Jae In grew up witnessing how money can make people do bad things. Email required Address never made public.

An opportunity to reflect on my wicked life. I wanted her to go back to the US to her son.

The bad guys were dealt with separately. Also, letting another innocent person go to jail for a crime he committed is just wrong. The death of Se Kwang by murder poisoning by Angelina and suicide was not enough for me.

That’s relating to Bi-Ryung Make sure their services a lot of the good ones require money. Because there was always this nagging thought at the back of my mind that maybe Jae-In’s look after plastic surgery just gave Cha-Don’s feelings a boost.

I wanted a more elaborate plan. Great acting all around, many memorable characters. Denali April 24, at 9: And we really got to see this when Bi-ryung was right in the same episodr as Cha-Don’s mother except Bi-ryung really did sinosis someone, in her case – mental institution time with a useless expectation for parole and a child waiting for her. In a way, I pitied him.

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