Also, no clingy second lead I hate clingy second leads or damsels in distress our Hye-ri sure was strong! Hye Ri wonders if he really did forget about her, and she gets a phone call just then. Everytime I saw the crime scene I thought that HyeRi grew personally and professionally through her cases. He was her ideal man. I tend to like pregnancy, arranged marriages, time leaps, and amnesia as plot devices. Not wanting to hurt her, they switch places, and Hye Ri pushes him away. The fact that everyone was kind hearted was crucial here:

The kiss on the forehead was perfect as it showed a new level of intimacy in their relationship. Yoon Ah notes this change, and feels bad that Hye Ri now acts like this. You gave more depth and context to the drama – your knowledge of the language and the culture and your passion complemented the watching of subbed episodes. Awesome, thanks for the recs! Through their childish relationship, his innocent and lovely pre-father-in-prison side came to life again and his good nature was awakened, thus triggering the game changing guilt in episode 9. Is my stupid prediction going to come true!?!?!?!?!? Everyone reached a final, definitive peace of mind and sincere happiness Jenny the fairy godmother was a great touch to the main love story ; they grew, they forgave themselves, they moved on to a brighter future. When I watched this in the 2nd episode, I felt like I ever watched this kind of drama.

Especially ones that are absent of the clingy, evil second lead who magically turns good in the end. I absolutely loved the last ep. Care to chime in? Im letting myself be bolder and priness this time by saying that i really enjoy everything about this. Are you playing around right now?

Sinopsis Drama Prosecutor Princess Episode 1-16 (Tamat)

prosecuto But I still don’t understand why there was a rock in the middle of a room! Thanks for the recap!!! But after the first few weeks the order switched and I’d be downloading PP as soon as I could. Park Shi Hoo absolutely makes In Woo. D PP’s prinecss one of my favorites this year. It is easy to fall in love with the characters in this drama, to understand what ticked them, what made them smile. Its one of the best dramas ive seen this year!


Not wanting to hurt her, they switch places, and Hye Ri pushes princesw away. I want you to be part of my life again. Yoon Ah โ€” oh how I missed your voice of reason for the audience โ€” comes over to their home to do some online shopping. He just wants to get out of this chit chat.

Thank You so much for the recaps of wonderful drama!! It was so satisfying on many small levels, from having likeable second leads who aren’t clingy and actually act the way normal people act to having everything fall perfectly into place at the end. A Korean law firm is contacting the two of them though, so if they do decide to take the job then Jenny will let Sinopsjs Ri know.

War and Beauty, Rosy Business. I just got stuck watching Ubut rak kham kob myself, and by watch I mean FF through all the BS just to see the pretty boys. There were a lot of inconsistencies in the drama, but the overall quality of the Acting made up for the lack of cohesiveness and the rough patches in the story line, Kim So-yeon has proven to be at the level of Son Ye-jin, and Kim Ha-Neul as a Top Notch Actress she is the only reason why I watched the drama till the end.

Thanks for the recaps! This drama was awesome.

It is the suspense, the mystery of a man- Seo In Woo- who enters her life and forever changes it. Fia, your writing is just so gud, one only not gud thing abt this is, some might be a little disapointed to watch the drama after reading your note, hahahha, even I liked the drama, I like your writing more hahahha.

I think my PP watching experience was more joyful due to all the rants, raves and recaps on dramabeans. And thank you both for having all those wonderful recaps every week. I am watching this drama just 2 days ago. Thinking back to the evidence and testimonies, they figure out that Yoo had drunk soju before meeting Ma. I hope to see more intriguing dramas like this in the future.


I have to say that I am very satisfied with the ending! He trips and falls, but gets up again to look for Hye Ri.

Shining Inheritance and now this. Will re-watch epi with pricess recap. Everyone reached a final, definitive peace of mind and sincere happiness Jenny the fairy godmother was a great touch to the main love story ; they grew, they forgave themselves, they moved on to a brighter future. D for plenty reasons: A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

We got a bubbly but suspenseful series with no angst or crying overload. Bitter Kisses English Fansubs.

Prosecutor Princess: Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

You were both so wildly entertaining and paid attention to detail. Eepisode loaners asking to be paid back right away, Ma Sang Tae has no choice but to return the money earlier than expected so as to save the face of the company. September 2, at Email required Address never made public. And In Woo, with his stellar timing, calls. Onto the script and writing, what was outstanding was that the characters were coherent now that prosrcutor refreshing and when they changed their points of view towards the end, it was sustained by perfectly reasonable previous plot developments even baker Ma Sang-tae was brilliant writing!

All Ma Sang Tae did was push the guy. This is not lost on In Woo.

Prosecutor Princess โ€“ A Review

It is same also with prosecutor princess. Why did I keep watching? Although I never actually watched the drama, I enjoyed following it through the recaps Posecutor by LollyPip. A bittersweet love story between a deaf painter and young aspiring stage actress.

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