Kim Seo Hyeon said whatever reap benefit to his clan, he will do whatever it may be no matter whether it is in the correct principal or not. Ha Jong asked whether it is necessary to sacrifice his daughter for the matter as his daughter is still a child Cheon Myeong is notify that Deok Man is here to see her. Mi Shil claims that it is a misunderstanding her intended visit that she is not here for some surrender. Cheon Myeong said she will find it out for Deok Man. Wajah Yushin langsung pucat, ia langsung memberitahu kalau Deokman sesungguhnya adalah wanita. Deok Man said that they need to gather people to their side.

Cheon Myeong said it must be a heirloom but she had never seen or been aware of its existence. Cheon Myeong is surprise of the coincided that it tally exactly to her date of birth. Mi Shil asked that Bo Jong keep surveillance on their movement. Episode – 12 Januari – Layar Drama Indonesia: Mi Shil gives her 2 choices to rectify her fears; one is to run away, the other is her rage. Dengan wajah kesal, Alcheon terpaksa melepas Deokman dengan berbohong pada hwarang lain. Mi Shil is finishing the touches of her watercolour painting of King Jinheung with the tiger. Joo Bang gave their assurance that they did as they are told.

Deok Man is surprise that is King Jinheung Mi Shil tells that the story when King Jinheung was young, he uses the dagger to slay the tiger. Cheon Myeong goes to the wall on the east wing. Dengan wajah kesal, Alcheon terpaksa melepas Deokman dengan berbohong pada hwarang lain.

Joo Bang asked what is her mission for him as Deok Man will pay him later after the job is done. Im Jong embarrass to say that it is Yol Nul Jae.

Begitu dikonfrontir, Deokman vreat berusaha mengelak namun akhirnya memohon-mohon supaya Jukbang tidak menceritakan semuanya pada Yushin.

Ho Jae asked the Haw Rang cadre to stand in line.

Cheon Myeong praise that it is a good painting that effort had been made on the part of Mi Shil to depict the scene so well. Kim Siopsis Shin continues to whack the boulder for his anger management Deok man comes to Mt. Eul Jae gather the cadre to meet him at Song Gyeong forest.


Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

Mi Shil finds that Chil Sook is lying to her. Kecurigaan terhadap para hwarang membuat episdoe penasehat Eulje, yang dipimpin oleh Hojae Go Yoon-hoolangsung menggeledah tenda.

Queen Maya surprise that Princess Cheon Myeong suddenly brought up the dagger. How can a womaniser like he; was never able to detect. Mi Shil said episide Cheon Myeong should look after their welfare. Mi Shil said that a person who gain his people will rule the ages. Queen Maya speaks no further than that. Deok Man asked his repayment of his favour. Seondeko man tries to brush it off as nonsense. So Hwa asked what is the matter. Kim Yu Shin gallops his horse.

If Kim Seo Hyeon revolts that it will give a seed for Gaya to be founded again. Im Jong said that 2 men approaches a vendor to barter the ink container for some of his ware. Eul Jae wants to know where did this petition comes from. Mi Shil said that Cheon Myeong had never seen it before. Curiga kalau Sohwa ada hubungannya dengan istana di masa lalu, Mishil meminta Misaeng Jung Woong-inyang dikenal memiliki ingatan tajam dan hapal dengan wajah para dayang, untuk mengecek.

Cheon Myeong knows that her palace maid has acquaintance serving in the Imperial Administration. Episode – 29 Oktober – Layar Drama Indonesia: Deok Man asked Al Cheon to honour what he had just said.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 16

The one of the Hwa Rang tells that the strip search is over since they found a thief but laughs at the sight of their body. Abbot Wyol Cheon said that it is fortunate his An Mak is not injure, if treatment continues, the progress is good. Chil Sook tells So Hwa that it is dangerous for her to venture outside although it had been many years, someone is bound to recognise her.


Inflammation of this membrane is called conjunctivitis, or red eye. Kim Seo Hyeon questions her sudden visit to their residence. The ancient Greeks invented sanitary pads made from lint wrapped around a small piece of wood, recorded in writing by Hippocrates in the fifth century B.

Meet the community members dedicated seoneok bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Mi Greay tells the Kims that since she is guest the least to show some courtesy to invite her to sit down.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 16

Curiga terhadap Sohwa yang meski seperti orang kehilangan ingatan namun begitu fasih dengan jalan-jalan di kuil kerajaan, Seori melaporkan semuanya pada Mishil.

This will only bring him to their camp. Episode 17 video clips: Princess Cheon Myeong takes her hand out as a sign of a vow. Se Jong asked what Mi Saeng has just implied Mi Shil said they will have to try to persuade Queen Mother Man Ho to in order to consent a marriage between their two families.

Go Do asked why Joo bang refuse. King Jinpyeong said that he was caught off guard when Cheon Myeong suddenly brought out the subject.

Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes

Then a guard comes in to apologise as Joo bang asked whether they really caught the perpetrator. Kim Seo Hyeon asked what the purpose of the visit that she is here rubbing salt to their wounds to say the end is near for them or asking for their surrender.

Kim Yu Shin asked what is the matter as Cheon Myeong seems troubled. Kim Yong Chu asked how to define what happened. Deok man quwen her. Kim Yu Shin is shocked that Deok Man is the alleged traitor.