Yang Gil said that it is now emergency crisis. The elders said that Wyol Ya has changed a lot after cooperating with Silla. Kim Yu shin said that at this moment it is not his safety that is an issue. Mi Shil tells him that there is no attraction that men chase women out of mere devotion, that is. Queen Seon Deok asked what is he trying to just say there. Every Chinese character is classified under a radical and characters with the same radical are sorted by the number of stroke used in writing them. Deok Man said she has a premonition that something must have happened.

Seok Bum tell that the rest of them are acting might suspiciously. Seol Won rang draft this plans. This measurement was during e Tang era AD Il Geo is the marching distance of cavalry per day Kim Yu Shin said when taking defensive lines, that you must take heed of the distance of their posting blockade, if they needs to devoid the enemy of using their advantage that they needs to avoid all open filed battle engagement, it must be engage on terrain warfare as the form of defense. It is about Chil Sook said that someone is inside that he exhibit matchless adeptness with the sword. Kim Yu Shin has to think very hard. The Privy Council also overseeing the preservation of law and order, defending the realm against plots, and general security Kim Chun Chu turns around to see Bi Dam at the corridors.

Bi Dam is surprise that Queen Seon Deok has made a correct guess.

Bi Dam said that he is just waiting for the right moment. Queen Seon Deok has a look as Bi dam brief her that with that as their basis, they devised our whole operation. Queen Seon Deok is surprise that it is a child An express messenger from the frontline racing to the palace.

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Bo Jong inform that Kim Yu Shin was seen in the border of Baekje, so we arrest him on suspicious for spying. If she did not, they could rebel against her. Tang emissary is that suggest that it is called usurpation. Kim Chun Chu is doing the negotiation. Then summon Yu Shin to enter the court. If he were to bring this motion up then his achievement would have cancelled out crimes that he been charged with the effect that it will erase his offenses. Mi Shil asked whether the emissary read the pamphlet.


Ha Jong said that they will force in persuasion for Queen Seon Deok to make a decision. Joo Bang said that he actually give the assignment to monitor to a wise 7 years old child. Bi Dam leaves but turns around. This is because Se Jong has done no wrong in which Mi Shil is fully aware of this principle than anyone here. Only one year later Li Shi Min charged a plot against the crown prince, killed his brothers and forced his own father abdicate in his favour to resume the throne. Queen Seon Deok smiles.

Blogger Templates created by Deluxe Templates. Chil Sook claims that he first believe the thought that he was so lucky each time that he is now still alive. Bi Dam stutter to affirm it that it is what he wishes but he said he has never place a value to barter his devotion to Queen Seon Deok.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 50

Queen Seon Deok in her balcony contemplating that what Kim Chun Chu has proposal has a real possibility of making it worked. Al Cheon asked what is Kim Chun Chu implying. Guk San Heun could see how they mutter in complaints indicate that it is as such.

Al Cheon said that no matter how importance in gaining Kim Yu Shin but her safety…. Sinetron Terdampar mulai 9 Maret pukul So we will think now the drama it is a circa year of AD Therefore Bi Dam is waiting for the right timing to strike Bo Gya Hoe is training with their cross bow formation with target practice.

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Mi Shil asked if she were to admit that it is true. This increased her power to a degree, as it meant that she was never faced with a united Privy Council since it is an absolute monarchy system.

Ha Jong said how can she send a person who has been exile to go for a covet mission of intelligence gathering, does this make any episkde, if it is so, why exile Kim Yu Shin in the 1st sinposis.

The Privy Council also overseeing the preservation of law and order, defending the realm against plots, and general security Kim Chun Chu turns around to see Bi Dam at the corridors. San Tak reports to Chil Sook there is no suspicious movement outside the hiding place. Mi Saeng said that Mi Saeng said that as they all know as the facts that currently Mi Shil is preoccupied with the perplexity of the matter in regards to Princess Deok Man.


Mi Saeng said that all they can do is only to acquiesce every request they make to their satisfaction. This will be Princess Deok Man final moment on this earth. Wyol ya how many people wants to see ghe. So Hwa asked Deok Man what are they supposed to do now. Seok Bum said that they are all been killed in a flash of time.

This war chance of emerging a victory is that they must follow Seol Won Sinopsks lead. Bi Dam asked Kim Yu Shin to stop his prattles.

Queen Seon Deok asked whether he came here to persuade her to forsake Kim Yu Shin like the general consensus. Bi Dam tells her this is his answer Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam that did he really found out about this matter recently or has he already knew from the beginning that Kim Yu Shin has contacts with Wyol Ya. Episode – 12 Januari – Layar Drama Indonesia: Bi Dam brushes it off.

Mi Shil asked if that what Chil Sook is wishing for. Seok Bum asked then how will it be. Once Amnyangju is breach of its defences the next offensive will be Seorabeol. Chil Sook said that someone is inside that he exhibit matchless adeptness with the sword. Seol Won Rang confirms it is fine. Sinopeis Dam said that once again Kim Yu Shin has gain another meritorious service.

The Yu Shin Army was already suffered defeat. Posted by sapphire blu at Sunday, December 06, Bi Dam queries on a mole.