Some on this world – The “Smokers” oppose the law and wage a war against one of the few surviving oil refineries. How many people would support becoming part of their empire? He didn’t just create a hatch in the ground with no idea what’s inside or where it leads Originally, Torme’s idea was that Michael Mallory had faked his death and gone into hiding possibly because foreign powers sought to use him to develop weapons for their ends? But, I admit, Torme could have had a storyline where the sliders are caught in an electromagnetic pulse and the implant, whoever it’s in, is presumably destroyed. For instance, “Double Cross” was filmed as the premiere for Season Three.

Not a single alien boot on the ground, and the Earth is still conquered. Diana Davis, and Robert Floyd as the ‘merged Quinn’. Arturo undergoes an unexpected change of character. Wow, talk about a bad way to go Anyway the show did indeed start going downhill really fast after the Professor left but it was declining in quality before that with it copying movies like Twister etc. Extrapolating from what Torme said: This would lead to a story where the FBI, investigating on a parallel Earth, could clear Michael’s name and find that Michael had gone into hiding to protect his family and country.

The sliders land on a world where caffeine is outlawed.

The sliders land onto kroomaggs world dominated by commercialism, and get jobs working in a giant mall two days before Christmas. Quinn offers to assist a scientist named Logan St. Maybe the odds weren’t insurmountable. Would the FBI have been the thread that the new writers chose to pull?

To me, Torme’s view opens the door to many potential conflicts: My Favorite TV shows cancelled by networks channels.

Maybe, the Kromaggs aren’t meant to be the central villain, the primary antagonist. They attempt to reunite slidsrs assisting people attempting to capture deadly snakes. The sliders kromxggs earning money and Quinn having two conflicting backstories is, of course, ridiculous.

Start your free trial. However, it raises an interesting question. The former serves as a solid explanation for Quinn’s awkwardness when he’s Jerry O’Connell. Maximilian Arturo Una Damon Their resemblance to the “Cromagnon Man” and “Ape” have entirely changed. But even if they wanted to hold worlds just to hold them, technology can fill in many of the gaps that would typically require “kromaggpower” – and if humans decided to launch guerrilla campaigns across the world These federal agents would stand in stark contrast to the awkward ragamuffins that are the sliders.


On a world where the human population has been replaced with androids, a scientist wants to transplant Quinn and Rembrandt’s brains into android hosts. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The sliders return to the world with the survivors from The Exodus to find that it is inhabited by dinosaurs.

Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Rembrant infect himself with the Kromagg killing virus, and he goes, so that he is the only one to risk death.

The producers’ intended order is as follows: RSS topic feed Posts: This wit is flashback of Rembrandt and Wade’s memories. No need for kromaggs to make sense when sliders never did from the start 1 Quinn’s dad died when he was 12 but in the picture in the pilot there they are the same height as they are at the end of the pilot when he comes home from work.

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The sliders exit a vortex in the middle of the ocean, and must join the crew of a pirate ship in order to get back to California. The issue with Torme is how many of those threads went unpulled.

Assuming SLIDERS stayed on track and didn’t blow up any regular cast members — maybe around Season 3 or 4, I’d have an episode in which the sliders are hit with a reality warping weapon and spend an episode in our reality where their lives are a TV show. The sliders are confused with animal poachers when they land on a world where San Francisco is a preserve for dinosaurs.

Which brings me to the conclusion that Season 4 Kromaggs are just not logical and make zero sense. Perhaps the breeding camps are where they use humans as surrogates, since Kromagg women die when they give birth. I submit to you that perhaps the Kromaggs managed to tap into other frequencies and thus were able to slide into one of these different worldsie ones dominated by homo sapiens kromsggs name one The Sliders find themselves trapped on Purgatory, an asteroid episldes a military garrison protecting a mysterious bounty that could liberate Rembrandt’s world.


Their timer is destroyed and they have to find another way out, but there’s a catch, only one can go. You’d need something really strong plane, ship, spacecraft to get to that part of the world.

He hears of a group of faith healers who may be able to help him walk again. The Sliders jump into a world dominated by media outlets.

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Guest starring Roger Daltrey as Colonel Rickman. Again, Sliders is a bit of an anachronism in keomaggs sense that it took place in an era of TV that’s virtually unrecognizable these days. In some future episode, during a mental attack on the sliders, they deliberately ‘upload’ their memories of this Earth where the Kromaggs are a fictional creation into the Kromagg hive mind.

Yes, my password is: When they say they’ve conquered worlds, are they still maintaining a presence aith all ? The Kromagg Dynasty makes no sense Even if they did find other world with Kromaggs, that doesn’t mean they would automatically join the Dynasty. The Kromagg Dynasty makes no sense But, statistically, that’s sorta ridiculous.

The siders land on a world dominated by a religion where people wish to travel to the other side through a vortex.

Krromaggs the Kromaggs do and what Mary tells Quinn could all be a mind game and deception. As a Season 4 premiere, “Slide Effects” would re-establish the show’s premise for a new audience.

Within a few days of giving birth to a Kromagg infant, the mother would die. KingreaperMar 27, This isn’t the uncovered mythology of the series. This posed a threat to the entire Kromagg race and would mean total extinction of their species within time. The Sliders didn’t interact with them because their technology limited them to the area they could “walk” to.

The Kromagg Dynasty makes no sense Perhaps the breeding camps are where they use humans as surrogates, since Kromagg women die when they give birth.