Synthetic spinel — synthetic spinel is often used as a simulant because it can mimic the look of many different natural gems such as sapphire, zircon, aquamarine and peridot , depending on its color. Gems synthesized by pulling include synthetic alexandrite, chrysoberyl, corundum, and garnet. On rare occasions, synthetic color-change spinel may be encountered in the market. Imitation lapis lazuli — dark blue lapis, treasured by ancient civilizations, has been mined in Afghanistan for more than 6, years. In the last decade fewer new kinds of man-made gem materials have been marketed. Hydrothermal synthetic emerald for jewelry came on the scene in Diamond — Neutron and electron radiation are the most common forms of artificial irradiation, and it is possible to induce black, green, blue green, deep yellow, orange, pink and red diamonds often combined with a secondary step of heating, to achieve certain colors.

Most of these methods fall into two major categories — melt or solution. Synthetic spinel — synthetic spinel is often used as a simulant because it can mimic the look of many different natural gems such as sapphire, zircon, aquamarine and peridot , depending on its color. Citrine — Some forms of amethyst can be heated and turned into citrine. Some of the main synthetic processes include:. Hydrothermal synthetic emerald for jewelry came on the scene in A young girl finds herself in a reform school after therapy since she was blamed for the death of a young boy. Other gems — Some varieties of beryl and spodumene can be irradiated to deepen an inherent color, or change the color altogether. The sudden contraction causes the material to develop a series of cracks that radiate throughout.


Durability factors — When dye is applied to porous materials, their durability may be long-lived but is ultimately smaralvul on the stability of the dye itself. Synthetic beryl is available in many colors including yellow, red, blue aquamarine and green emerald.

The most commonly encountered diffused gems include: Encountered in the trade — Often encountered for diamonds, ruby and sapphires, and emerald.

Strontium titanate — this colorless manmade material became a popular diamond simulant in the s. But natural gem-quality quartz is plentiful so scarcity is not the reason that researchers went to the trouble of developing a way to synthesize gem-quality quartz. Durability factors — The treatment is considered permanent.


In gems with larger fractures, the dye can sometimes leak out under a variety of conditions. Set in a world where love is deemed illegal and can be eradicated with a special procedure.

Such fractures are sometimes purposely induced by heating the gem so that an otherwise non-porous material can more readily accept the dye. Some of the main synthetic processes include:.

Plastic is not a durable imitation, so special care must be taken to prevent damage. Ruby — Numerous surface-reaching fractures are filled with a glass to lessen their visibility and make the gem more transparent than it really is. Topaz — colorless topaz has little commercial value in the gem market today, but it can be subjected to artificial radiation to dramatically change its color.

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Its accurate reproduction of a wide variety of colors makes it a common choice for imitation birthstone jewelry. This Week’s Top Trailers. A Queen of romanian “street fashion” when the sun was the king. Flux-grown, pulled and hydrothermal synthetic sapphires smaraldu be very convincing substitutes for the natural gem. This kind of treatment is, however, less prevalent than the other treatment processes mentioned above.


Substitute is an older term for the same thing.

When manufacturers glue or fuse two or more separate pieces of material together in the form of a faceted gemstone, the result is called an assembled or composite stone. Growing a synthetic gem by the flux method requires patience and significant investment. Tanzanite — Though rarely used, tanzanites have been coated to improve the intensity of their blue-violet color. Nutrients are dissolved in a water solution, and then synthetic crystals form as the solution cools.

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Amber — When amber is submerged in hot oil—linseed oil for example—it’s smaraldkl body color can darken, and the material can take on a clearer appearance.

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This is generally followed by the use of a chemical forced into the channel to dissolve or alter the appearance of the inclusion. Encountered in the trade — Frequently in pearls and jadeite. Filled emeralds can also smarladul damaged by exposure to hot water used for washing dishes. Learn more More Like This. Constituents are dissolved in the solution or melt at high temperature, and the crystal forms initially on a seed crystal as the verce temperature is lowered.