Gerard Baldwin based on a story by Peyo and Yvan Delporte. Slouchy wishes to be tall. Smurfette learns about life and death after she nurses a sick field mouse back to health and adopts him as a pet. The Smurfs save Peewit multiple times. Due to an innocent mistake, Baby’s rattle is exchanged with a magic rattle. Goofs In the beginning of “The Smurflings,” Papa Smurf is shown playing with his harmonica until his experiment a boiling pot containing an unknown bubbly substance exploded.

The Smurfs teach a young witch to do good. The smurflings accidentally pull the plug out of the River of Time, rapidly speeding up time. Brainy uses magic to turn the Smurfs into monsters for one night. Snappy and Sassette break the color wheel, making it very easy for Gargamel to catch Smurfs. A crook pretends to be the King. Handy invents the first Smurf camera. Clumsy tries to become Papa Smurf’s apprentice.

The Smurfs construct and then hide inside a wooden rocking horse in order to save Smurfette from a spoiled little princess. Jokey Smurf voice Danny Goldman Meanwhile, Hogatha captures the Smurfs to get soft skin. Hogatha captures squirrels for a special hair formula. King Gerard’s uncle destroys Clockwork Smurf.

Gargamel makes Jokey’s puppet come to life. Brainy and Clumsy become ghostbusters. Jokey makes Brainy think that his house is haunted.


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Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a dmurflings Pokemon. Lazy finds a swapping well. The Smurfs arrive in the gnome version of Rome where Julius Geezer tries to force Smurfette to marry his son. Brainy creates a schedule that is making the other Smurfs angry.

The Smurfs S06E01 – Smurflings Part 1 – video dailymotion

Due to an accident, Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy are reverse aged. Full Cast and Crew.

Hefty wants to become a knight. Scruple, and later Gargamel, become Gordy’s master. A group of Smurfs are requested to work on their day off and they turn into tools. With Gargamel’s magic, the trees uproot themselves, leaving the Smurf village fully exposed.

Smurfs Season 5 episode 04 – The Smurflings – Dailymotion Video

The Tooth Fairy is captured by Gargamel. Master Mouse tries to teach Clumsy karate so he can save his friends from Ninja Rat. Gerard Baldwin; Teleplay by: The Smurfs refuse to open Jokey’s joke boxes, so he switches to other jokes.

The Smurfs have a prisoner exchange with Gargamel. A stork brings Baby Smurf to the village. Brainy ejects the Smurflings from his party. On Valentine’s Day, while Smurfette wishes for a Prince Smurfing of her very own, the evil Chlorhydris wants to create a world without love.


A group of Smurfs are stranded on an island. You must be a registered user to use smuflings IMDb rating plugin.

The Smurfs S06E01 – Smurflings Part 1

The Smurfs save Peewit multiple times. Gargamel turns himself into a baby Smurf and turns the Smurfs into stone.

Gargamel uses magic to make it ring only when it is near a Smurf. Due to one missing ingredient, Gargamel alternates between being nice and evil.

Brainy’s mittens fall into handy’s heater and snow plow machines, causing them to malfunction. John Bates and Burt Wetanson. Scruple makes Gargamel think that he is dying. Baby is very ill, but Sassette makes all books disappear after a huge dose of Brainy’s book.

Goofs In the beginning of “The Smurflings,” Papa Smurf is shown playing with his harmonica until his experiment a boiling pot containing an unknown bubbly smurs exploded.

Hefty saves a princess and is forced to marry her. Handy makes a Clockwork Smurf.