The link is below and the two paragraphs are copy pasted here, see the highlighted sentences i. Bulwark, s, burj, marhaJa. PPP government to complete full term. Conjecture, 8, qiyas, gumdn, anddza, wahm. Cherish, v, palna, parwarish k. IsMna, khorak, taam, ghiza. I then clarified to you that I did not mean it in such a manner because on paper it did seem a little rude. KHAN on December 23, – 3:

His reputation is that he is a better Test batsman than SRT so he should have come with all guns blazing. Poppy, 8, koknar, khashkhash, post. I am sure they do. Bribe, s, rishwat, ghds. I mean this is what one can derive the meaning from that sentence of yours! Rosary, 8, tasbih, sabha.

Are you a fan of sehwag because you dont seem to care that he only averages 28 this yr? Pakistan captain Misbah-ul Haq is adamant his side are playing well enough to defeat Soonay in the upcoming Test series in the United Arab Emirates. PsBan, s, karka, shadiyana. No one gives him credit for it.

Sone Ki Chirya – Episode 146

Gutter, 8, mubri, pamala, ibrez, nabddn. Besidue, s, baqi, baqiya, tatimmajbaohti. SRT took the pressure off after Sehwag dismissal by not letting Oz climb back. Protest, 8, iqrir, itiraf ; bar-aks iqrar.


Now he is just a shadow of himself. Lots to feel good about.

We have see on the field how both teams perform. What contrasting views that we have posted from the same Rajesh? Miandad himself was a planner, schemer and a good strategist.

What a shame, what a pity. Anyone reading this will not think chirja. KHAN on December 21, – 2: Besonnd, v, gnnj r.

Sone ki chirya episode 123

Digitized by Google I. Besamption, s, baz-giri, pher-lena. He is mature and willing to listen. There is concept called stretch where u stretch your limits to attain new heights. Dhoni heard me, brought in Ashwin.

Fancy, v, khiyal k.

Broil, 8 jhagra, qaziya. Moist, a, nam, tar, martub, sila, gila. Oil, s, tel, rangan, duhn.

Monkey, s, bandar, bozina, maimun. Amain, ad, zor-se, ba-shiddat, jald. Over, pr, upar, par, bald. Droop, V, murjhana, kumhlana, pazh- mnrda h. Unfortunately some of our regular bloggers are away, sometimes they are too busy not everyone is free like me and they do come back and write. They did exactly that. Eoisode, s, sarbardhi, kargnzari.


Full text of “Romanized school dictionary, English and Urdu”

Anyway, if you are still using the one match semi final excuse for being against him at least he was not one of the players who shamefully got out cheaply against the Irish dibbly dobblers in the Caribbean World Cup disaster. Peradventnre, ad, shayad, ittifaqan, ma- Perambulate, u. Feather, s, par, bazu. Aperture, s, chhed, surakh, shigaf. Justifiable, a, haqiqi, wajibi, rast, insaf- Jnstification, s.

After all in your opinion he is just another cricketer who should be retiring after England tour. Malice, s, kina, bugz, adawat.

KHAN on December 24, –