I’m pretty sure Sonic is 15, according to official sources Chris, unable to bear the sight, breaks free of his restraints and grabs the Chaos Emeralds, jumping out the window. Eggman attacks the Chao but is defeated, however the destroyed robot is leaking oil into the lake; Sonic clears the lake by running around it with full speed. The other Es are transported elsewhere to be disabled, and Gamma is sent to bring Amy and Lily to Eggman. Shadow uses Chaos Control to get to Rouge, but Chris hitches a ride as well. Sonic fades away, but when the void clears, Chris finds himself on a newly-appeared misty island, and sees Sonic back in his normal form walking out of the mist towards him. Eggman has also been strangely quiet during these six months, though he has gotten the Red Chaos Emerald, and G.

Meanwhile, Lucky continues to go through one unlucky experience after another. Submit Audition View 3 Audition s. You can audition for these characters separately if you want! Sonic and Knuckles manage to defeat Chaos and recover the Emeralds. Tanaka venture onto the island to save Sonic. What will happen next? Shadow vanishes at the climax of their victory and is presumed dead. They find the Purple Chaos Emerald but then Froggy swallows a blue blob and grows a tail.

Back at Chris’ home, Amy finds out about Lily’s siblings, then with great determination they head out to find them, and Chris locates the White Chaos Emerald.

Casting Call Club : Sonic X: Episode 38 [VS. Biolizard] UNCUT Fandub

While Sonic and co. I’m not sure they’d like that very much. They take care of the Chao and play with them. Shadow episodf that a figment of his imagination makes Chris appear like Maria while he is begging a relation of Gerald Robotnik and Shadow’s friend who diedand because of this, Shadow teleports them to the ARK.


Sonic and Sam are racing the Station Square streets, the bridge, desert and rocks. What new adventure’s awaits our heroes? They find him again, and the river led him into a pool in a Chao colony. You know, this was the first Sonic X episode Sonix ever watched though not in its entiretyand you did an incredible job adapting it to your story.

Meanwhile, Lucky continues to go through one unlucky experience after another.

This is the last episode to use the plot of Sonic Adventure. Tails announces to Tikal the Emeralds’ power were awoken through the friendship of Sonic and his friends, which is also the way Sonic can fully beat Perfect Chaos. He sounds very much like that of a child. I want to dub this scene as it should have been, fnglish similarly to my Sonic OVA fandub project.

However, Amy manages to convince the robot to help her, and Gamma frees her from jail.

Tails and Amy who are on X-Tornado arrive to farm and spot a robot. Prison Island explodes, but thankfully everyone escapes without harm. NEVER make bubbles angry.

Tails, Amy, Chris and Mr. Sonic obliges, but Eggman can tell that it is a fake, and captures Sonic in an exploding capsule, shooting him out into space.

Casting Call for Sonic X: Episode 38 [VS. Biolizard] UNCUT Fandub

Knuckles, desperate to get back to the Master Emerald, plans to make a temporary alliance with Eggman, and convinces Chris to help him. When Englksh puts his finger in his ear to remove the chip, Amy thinks Sonic is not listening to her. The people of Station Square cheer him on. Amy releases Sonic, who races off to find Shadow.


SA2: Metal Sonic vs Biolizard 01:15:35

Sonic is framed for robbing it and G. The other Es are transported elsewhere to be disabled, and Gamma is sent to bring Amy and Lily to Eggman. This one is very brief compared to the others, however. Also will you be doing season 2 of sonic x as well?

Eposode tries to stop them, but he fails. Maria’s voice is soft, high-pitched, and girly. However, the Egg Emperor starts to take in too much power from the Emeralds and starts going out of control, while still pummeling Sonic.

Looking forward to reading more soon! Ultimately, he decides it would be selfish to prevent them from leaving. Rouge mysteriously appears, offering the Blue Chaos Emerald and her help to collect the remaining emeralds, but what are her real motives?

What’s going on up there? However, Shadow begs to differ, and refuses to help since he believes mankind deserves to die because of what they’ve done. Little to no background buzz please! Eggman tricks Knuckles and Chris into bringing him all their Chaos Emeralds, after which he kicks Knuckles off his ship, holds Chris prisoner, and then sets out to rendezvous with Lucky, who finally lived up to his name and found the White Emerald in a landfill.