Born on September 7, , Cory J. A ninja suddenly appears, grabs Chris’s medallion, and shoves it up his ass, much to Chris’ chagrin. Articles with incomplete sections. Wild then starts to make out with a box, which escalates into sex as a horrified Sonichu watches. She suggests he rationalize with them, but treats them to a bout of random-access humor before being hit with a brick. It should also be known that Liquid Chris himself joined along and provided the voice of Chris Chan in some episodes mostly since he was at the time one the few people who could imitate Chris Chan perfectly. Sometimes I still walk in on my brother talking to him for god knows what reason.

The series centers around the misadventures of Chris Chan and Sonichu with each episode being around 1 minute to 6 minutes long. I had been wondering did they just end it or stopped because Chris raged about it. The gory pile that is Rosechu tries to talk but is again beaten by Sonichu in the earlier fashion. Allison is annoyed and horrified to do so as Chris instructs her to clean under the pickle as well. Jiggliami also warns it’s a trap, but Bubbles punches her before going into a seizure. Mary Lee Walsh hears the news from afar, and decides to run against Chris as well. Sonichu starts to feel nauseous at the images, as Rosechu freaks out then grabs a camera, ranting about how she’s going to go take nudes and they TOTALLY won’t photoshop a penis on her. Rosechu tries to tell him that Jimmy Hill put tons of effort into their levels but is then mercilessly abused by Sonichu, being beaten with a metal bat, a dryer, a chainsaw, lemon juice, a dryer again, another chainsaw, and more lemon juice.

Sonichu The Animated Series Episode 7 Uncut

Walsh finally snaps, frustrated that she did not win, threatening to kill everyone. Mary explodes, saying the video was for her sexual pleasure, and fires crabs from her china at the ninja, who screams in agony. Rosechu calls him over to show him a Slanderous Website that drags their rep as well as Chris’s through muck.

Sonichu suggests a trip to visit his father Chrisand Rosechu makes a mention to Episode 17, to which she accidentally refers to it as Issue He then shows a picture of committing small crimes such as littering, carving his name into a jncut bathroom wall as he is taking a shit, and streaking jaywalking in a busy intersection.

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Nowadays, Cory draws pornographydoes little podcasts with his animator friends and is currently working on a game. Especially with his attitude. Chris and Sonichu laugh, but Mary Lee Walsh, before she fully melts, presses a button that sets off a charger that was under the house, breaking the glass of the mirror mentioned in Episode 1 that Megan had been trapped in, freeing her.


In an interview, when asked if Chris has seen the animated series, he replied by saying that he still hasn’t seen it, though it can be hncut that when he eventually does, he will be incredibly upset about it, kinda like when he saw the Documentary of him. The Animated Series is a series of animations created by Spazkid. Mary Lee Walsh then breaks into the house via the window, declaring that though he beat her up in Soul Calibur 3, he couldn’t do it IRL. Chris makes the random note that Sonichu has a subscription to Playboy, as Chris does, so this automatically means he’s straight- and trolls cannot say otherwise.

After five panels of “grotesque bum-sex,” Blake comments how awesome she was, but not before she reveals she is Sean Connery in disguise.

Sonichu the Animated Series

ani,ated Sonichu is excited by his father’s appearance as a ‘censored’ image fills the screen, as the narrator verbally depicts Sonichu sucking on Chris’s animatwd. Angelica goes off about a dream she recently had in which God appeared, and told her he was going to fuck her, and he could do so because he was God and he made her. The next day, all the votes are tallied, and many STDs are contracted most likely due to Walsh.

These characters appear briefly in the series. He then moves onto Rosechu anatomy- they have giant airbags on their chest he should know, he has a lot of sex dolls.

Blake can only respond by telling Bubbles to sit on his face before turning into a sandwich. The Next Day, the trio are at the mall, Chris being seen with the straw and sign as Sonichu sits next to him.

He cries out in anger over this, and a poster of Gen. Chris takes surprise to this and tasks Wild Sonichu with investigating. Blake arrives to kick sand in Rosechu’s face, drawing her ire, but not before Bubbles shows up and breaks his arm as he writhes in pain. The amount of effort placed into that is impressive. The episode opens with Sonichu and Rosechu in fighting stances, ready to fight the Jerkop, who orders them to buy him KFC. As more bricks fly to the stage, Chris mistakes their hatred for praise.

Jason lies there, face bloodied, saying how he should have died from the attack, but dark forces keep him alive. In a brief interlude, an individual, who is presumed to be Spazkid, decides to segue into the next scene with a “silly picture” of Chris Chan. The episode ends on this cliffhanger, the Narrator asking the audience if the Jerkop will be stopped if Megan will be freed from the mirror and if the seven Sonichus will ever be found.


Chris reassures Allison that everything is fine and the citizens love him, but not before someone throws a Molotov cocktail, setting the backdrop on fire. Mary Lee Walsh hears the news from afar, and decides to run against Chris as well. Graduon attempts to calm her down by offering to buy her McDonalds, but his comments are mistaken for fat-shaming.

Caveman Chris goes to the internet to check on his fans and pulls up the Animated Series out of the twenty-five hundred Youtube results on his name. The narrator ends with the questions of Megan defeating her captor if Jimmy Hill will assert his righteousness, and asking who will clean up the mess on the floor meaning Rosechu’s gory pile. Sometimes I still walk in on my brother talking to him for god knows what reason.

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Rosechu shows Sonichu a drawing she made of them, but is killed when Sonichu aeries Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star and splits her head open. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

The Animated Series with friends he had on his Skype account. Abimated Allison begins to complain about Chris’ lack of mayoral duties, she accidentally walks in on Chris having sex with Julie. Sonichu says that he and his “gf” have a meeting with Jason.

Mary asks if he has ahold of the medallion. Sonichu asks Wild if he knows his missions, and Wild animated to look like Snake from Metal Gear Solid says he knows, ujcut a drag on multiple cigarettes at once, and that if he doesn’t make it, he wants Sonichu to know something- that Sonichu’s a homo.

In one episode of a podcast he lent his voice to, he talked about Chris and the animated series. Even then, he said he was bored with it and was only doing it for fans of it.