Cartman, posing as an IRS agent, introduces himself as Kris Kristofferson — the name of a popular country singer-songwriter, known for the hit song “Me and Bobby McGee”. Originally, this episode was conceived as something that could be done in a hurry but might not turn out very well. Year of the Fan”. Archived from the original on April 27, William Shakespeare ‘s Titus Andronicus. Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you?

After the long ” mad scientist ” scene of Cartman designing the plans for his revenge, it was supposed to be revealed that whatever he was drawing so intently was “only a stupid crayon drawing of a pony”. There’s no such thing, you little smart ass. Season 5 Episode 4. In all truth, the most well planned effective and downright scary episode in the history of the show. Also, when he tries to enlist other kids to help him take down Scott Tenorman, Cartman gives a version of Mel Gibson’s inspiring pre-battle speech from Braveheart. South Park season 5 List of South Park episodes. Cartman tells Stan and Kyle of his plan to get Scott’s penis bitten off at a chili cook-off , which Radiohead would arrive at and see him crying, making them think lowly of Scott.

Stranger Sign in, buddy. Please also note that you fewds accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. Parker and Stone had also cited this episode as a milestone in the writing of South Parkas the first episode to only have a single plot, without another subplot that is, a B story or even a C story to support the episode.

This means that Cartman is responsible for his own father’s death and feeds him to his half-brother in “Scott Tenorman Must Die”. He brings Stan and Kyle in on the scheme, and they promptly rat him out. Also, when he tries to fdeds other kids to help him take down Scott Soufh, Cartman gives a version of Mel Gibson’s inspiring pre-battle speech from Braveheart. Retrieved January 15, However, when Clyde asks who Scott is at the meeting that Cartman is holding, Stan explains that he’s in the eighth grade.

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Scott Tenorman Must Die

His later tasting of Tenorman’s tears is also from the movie. After learning that Scott’s favorite band s RadioheadCartman has the town see a video clip of them being interviewed, with the band members’ audio poorly dubbed over by Cartman, making them say how much they hate Scott.


Archived from the original on April 3, Cartman’s inspiration for the idea of having Episodde penis bitten off by a pony is the film Hannibalin which “the deformed guy trained giant pigs to eat his enemy alive”. Goofs In the beginning of the episode when Cartman first mentions Scott Tenorman, Kyle mentions that he’s an ninth grader.

Retrieved January 6, Cartman vows revenge when he finds out you don’t buy pubes, you grow them yourself. Yeah, I’ve got some pubes to sell.

Ab Urbe Condita c. Scott Tenorman has posters of them on his wall, and Cartman and Ned even sing a bit of one of their early hits “Creep”. He tells his parents of a starving pony on an abandoned farm, which prompts his parents to go and save it that night. Then Cartman reveals that eepisode chili he gave Tenorman is made from the bodies of his own dead parents, who were gunned down by Farmer Denkins when they tried to take the pony.

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The very ending of the episode, where the iris appears, is an allusion to the Looney Tunes cartoons, with Cartman assuming the role of the stuttering Porky Pigdelivering his signature line “That’s all folks! Afterward, Stan and Kyle warn Scott. Tenorman breaks down starts crying just as the band Radiohead arrives. Scott Tenorman Must Die. In Leslie Stratyner; James R. The episode introduced significant changes in the characterisation of Cartman like setting the standard for his cynical antics in following seasonsand it also prompted the creators to only focus on one plot within an episode, as opposed to the show’s earlier episodes, which involved several loosely related subplots.

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This is Souuth thriller at it’s best. Can you tell me where the pube fair is? Previous seasons of South Park were animated with the software PowerAnimator. Radiohead voice Trey Parker Behind the Blow “. South Park — The Hits: Full Cast and Crew. When envisioning an appropriate punishment for Scott Tenorman, Cartman first describes a scene from the film Hannibal.


Spoiled Brat Children The A. The events of this episode douth given new meaning in the season fourteen episode ” “, in which Scott returns as the leader of the Ginger Separatist Movementrevealing to Cartman that, while researching his revenge upon Cartman, Scott learned that his own father Jack Tenorman a fictional Denver Broncos right tackle had fathered Cartman with Cartman’s mother Liane.

Views Read Edit View history. In the scene where Scott Tenorman burns the money in front of Cartman, the script direction said that Cartman should look like William Wallace in the historical drama film Braveheartat the moment he realizes that he was betrayed. It has the very best line of dialogue ever read in a Southpark episode, Cartman’s line, “let me taste the tears of unfathomable sadness” is still something that I use to this day. Coyote and Road Runner. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Enraged, Cartman writes a letter to Radiohead to get them to visit South Park, claiming that Scott is a victim peisode ” cancer, in his ass “.

Go on the internets, youtube probably has it and watch it. Retrieved January 22, Comedy Central, South Park Studios. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Scott Tenorman Must Die 11 Jul 9. Cartman triumphantly licks the tears off his enemy’s face. Tenorman has red hair, so his vartman should also be red. In all truth, the most well planned effective and downright scary episode in the history of the show. In the episode, 9th-grader Scott Tenorman makes Cartman believe that buying pubic hair from him will make Cartman reach puberty.

Season 5 Episode 4. In the game South Park: This is the second time Cartman has “achieved” manhood before all the other boys.