Edit Did You Know? No man, it’s true,I stole it, man! Better for you thanpotato chips. Jimmy, you really believethat you came up with it all on your own? The concept for “Fishsticks” began when Parker, fellow co-creator Matt Stone , and actor Bill Hader attended a writers’ retreat in Seattle , Washington and they visited a body of water where they could watch salmon jump. But who originallycame up with it? It’s a dragonof some kind! Now look, I got a lawyer todraw up some patent papers.

Following a controversial performance at music festival Bonnaroo , many concertgoers have since sprayed graffiti around the festival grounds, as well as making signs, deriding the rapper as a “gay fish. Don’t be sadfor me, guys– I’m going home! I’m gonna kick yourmotherfucking ass! According to Nielsen Media Research , “Fishsticks” was seen by more than 3. Looks like we gotanother inning to play. But now I realize it’sjust that your ego has made you believe thingshappened differently.

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Yo’ Kanye, Kanye,we found ’em, money! Well, here’s your answer- Joining us tonight,the brains behind the incrediblefishsticks joke — The one and only,Carlos Mencia! I don’t know, Eric. You said you like fish dicksin your mouth that makes youa gay fish!

I was just trying towrite some new jokes for my comedyr-r-routine. Something that’sa play fishaticks words. This is arguably the best episode in years, provided that you don’t side with Kanye or Mencia. And ever since then,us comedians have been kicking ourselvesfor not thinking of it!


How do you livewith yourself? Favorite South Park Episodes. Yo’ that is messed up, yo. Hey look, Erickilled a dragon! You know, ‘cuz dicks. I’m gonnatalk to a lawyer so we get what’scoming to us. Can you explain how nobodythought of it before?

However, in a deleted scene, West drowns and his body is picked up and discovered by the US coast guards. They are interrupted by Kanye, who threatens to kill them. Here’s some fruit, boys. Kanye West is a gay fish, yo”. But who originallycame up with it?

Fishsticks 08 Apr Doctor, do I have gills? I’m not funny, I steal jokes,my dick don’t work, man I’m the voiceof a generation! The joke, which plays on the similarity of the phrases fjshsticks and “fish dicks” when spoken, [1] [2] becomes a hit throughout South Park.

Well Eric, that’s reallynot how jokes work. Full Cast and Crew. Eric, there’s somethingI really need to know.

South Park Celebrity Supercut #1: Kanye’s Best Gayfish Moments

And so uh,hey Paul Token Black voice Francis Los Feliz We had anagreement, Jimmy and if you wannago back on that now Jimmy, I owe youan apology. I took credit for it ‘cuzI’m not actually funny! Club said he was disappointed by the episode and thought the message about celebrity self-delusion might have been better if it focused on only West or Mencia, rather than both.


I’m not gay andI’m not a fish. Come on man, do you knowwhat that’s like? Don’t be sadfor me, guys– I’m going home!

Heym, that’d be great! I wish I could post links to sites that relate to this episode, but I would recommend searching for Kanye West’s self-proclaimed “genius” article, as well as his response on his online blog to the episode he apologizes for being a giant douche. It had over 1.

I thought it was hysterical. You like puttingfishsticks in your mouth? The New York Times. A male thatlikes fish dicks.


Have you seen this? Anyway, what was importantfor us, as a team, Ellen was to make sure thateveryone knew that we came up with the joke, and notCarlos-butthole-Mencia. Meanwhile, the joke becomes a national sensation. They were tryingto help me.