Views Read Edit View history. She drains the knowledge of the celebrities, including Marc, and uses it to get revenge on Jerry for being a goodie two-shoes brother and to take over WOOHP. Dans l’intrigue secondaire, Lee veut montrer qu’il est grand et qu’il n’a pas besoin de baby-sitter. Mais le plan des jumeaux est bien fait: The public saw him stop Slick Mick and start to call him “Yo-yo Boy”. When strange weather patterns cause an overall rise in global temperature, the Spiez investigate. Principal Shield and the Students. After finishing up a mission, the kids try to return home, only to be detained by answering a distress call from a mysterious island.

A Car Wash Owner. In the B-story, Megan thinks that their parents are having a baby girl and is jazzed that she will not be the only girl. When the other three Spiez are on the mission, they find out that whoever touches the cards gets the power of the character in it. In the B-story Tami becomes best friends with the Clarks after they save her and her new sweater, but ends up causing more trouble for them as a friend than she ever did as an enemy. The Spiez are sent to a mission involving men from a university who are having fighting each other. Chameleon Leon returns in Mission No.

Previously, he and his twin had created clones of themselves and created chaos all around the world Their nickname is the Chaos Twins. Meanwhile, the Clark boys are acting crazy about Tami after admiring her Apiez Tanned skin. The Spiez must find out who is responsible while protecting their school.

Jerry then epislde her memory about her discovery before they go home. Meanwhile, Tami has launched her doll brand. Sherry Lewis 2 Absent: Chameleon Leon 1 Error: En trouvant des indices, le kidnappeur utilisait des produits de soin.

The cards turn out to be clues. Just In All Stories: The Spiez investigate a stolen pair of slippers that seems to have ties to ancient ninjas. Megan is attacked by a Tami Doll, but her brothers refuse to believe her until they find out that the stolen microchip was in the doll.


Lee, Marc and Tony find her with an army of skateboarders responsible for breaking down the buildings so they can create skateparks for themselves. From Wikipedia, the spiz encyclopedia.

Spiez ! Nouvelle Génération – Saison 2 Episode 14

In the B-story, Megan tries to act cool so she can be invited to Tami’s birthday party so she can prove to her brothers how cool she is. In the B-story, Tony wants to join the choir.

Megan, Lee and Marc come nluvelle his aid, they defeat Flaky and save the day.

Someone has been breaking in and destroying labs of a company called Techammer. Marc est l’espion le plus intelligent que le Woohp ait jamais connu. Certain places have reported attacks by strange creatures.

Tex n’est autre que Jerry geneartion voulait bien faire comprendre aux Clark qu’il fallait se ressouder. Marc also turns into a hairy yeti during the investigation.

Spiez ! Nouvelle Génération – Saison 2 Episode 14 – Vidéo dailymotion

After finishing up a mission, the kids try to return ggeneration, only to be detained by answering a distress call from a mysterious island. By my friend Eclipse Rated: Chauncy and his plants Note: There, the Spiez are attacked by clowns. The Spiez learn another ninja figure is in their hometown, and when they arrive they learn Gus Junior has adopted the skills of the ninja making him an opponent more powerful than they could have ever imagined.

The landing crash pad chair gets replaced by a pink bean bag chair. The evil scheme is similar to the one in Totally Spies episode “Green with N. This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat C’est lui le voleur de dossier et il souhaite se venger sur les Spiez.

Britney, Blaine and Dean appears as cameos in this episode. The Clark family wins a free cruise on a luxury liner. The Spiez investigate and discover that a human projectile man who loves to do stunts is destroying the Techammer labs, because the company used him and his stunts in videogames nouveole giving him credit.


They hurry off to catch the Macho Generationn. Ne lui faisant pas confiance Jerry fait suivre Larry. It turns out that Sherry is behind the kidnappings.

They hurry to their hometown to finish destroying the dinosaurs and defeating the anthropologist just in time to get home before their parents arrive. The Chaos Twins Alpha and Omega.

the amazing spiez episode 10

Marc est hors de lui et essaie de l’attraper. In the B-story, the Spiez are trying not to get caught by their nosey Aunt Trudi while their parents are away on vacation. In the B-story Tony wants to xpiez stronger and taller.

Mais pas le temps d’enrager plus car Jerry les woohpe. The Spiez are unable to stop Slick Mick again without Tony to help, as he skips out on missions frequently. Later, Lee gets annoyed when he is put under supervision of a babysitter, although he is The Spiez are sent to investigate a series of abductions. In the B-story, Megan was chosen to play a role in a school play instead of Tami. Marc est impatient d’admirer les squelettes des dinosaures. Weather patterns begin to go haywire and cause snow all over the world.

Le responsable n’est autre que Jimmy le champion du monde de ce jeu qui souhaite garder sa place.

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Boogie Gus’s son Note: The Spiez’s mom is kidnapped by the Chameleon Leon. Lee and Marc try to stop Elisode and Tony and Megan go to the lab to try to eliminate a crazy machine. Views Read Edit View history.