However, there are some people who are born as dogs in chaotic times. You know, the writers could had make it worse…. I just feel nothing, it’s like, “Oh that’s nice. Choi Ryu and In Ah are on the mountain. Make that thanks for recapping to the sweet bitter end JB and GF. Kim Ryeo-wook born 21 June [1] , better known by the mononym Ryeowook, is a South Korean singer and musical actor. If it was because to create an impact that they were indeed assassinated to the north government, then marrying kang woo who is a public figure, wont that still indicate that she and choi ryu are very much alive???

Email required Address never made public. One of the highest grossing actors in South Korea, Ha’s starring films have accumulated more than million tickets. At the auction, Kang Woo bids on and wins the sacred book. I must admit that the beginning of the story is worth watching, only starting from the middle that it started to wobble. He was thankful to have been more than friends, and was forever grateful to her for having nursed him back to health. He was nervous weighing the pros and cons of his escape plan, but knew he it was the only way out. Member feedback about Unhasu Orchestra:

Geez, the crew and actors should give them a good slapping for their lack of imagination and the downward spiral back and forth on a singuar same idea.

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korran He plans to head to the States to clear his head and do some studying, and says goodbye to Dae-kang and In-ah. I never even got to watch the last two episodes of MMM. Dae Kang comes looking for Myung Wol and the spy parents deflect him, but they all find out Kang Woo is awake.

KBS ‘s Monday—Tuesday dramas. In the Joseon era, Kim Yoon-hee masquerades as a boy to earn a living as a book transcriber.

It was the first instance of a leading actor abruptly leaving in the middle of a Korean drama shoot. Highlights In the course of the drama: Member feedback about Eric Mun: Ryu waits at the dock for Myung-wol to arrive, and she manages to evade the NSA agents, but someone chloroforms her and grabs her just before she can get to Ryu. I too liked Eric’s performance more than any other element in this drama. Sure enough, as soon as Chairman Joo gets what he wants, he sends his minions to beat Kang-woo, and sends Ryu to the wrong location, and straight into a trap.


Choi Ryu finds the sniper taking aim at Myung Wol again, and warns him to report to their superiors to korfan this assassination attempt. Birth of a Beauty — Well, it was a mess, a little but became uglier oorean of what she did.


Spy Myung Wol Episode 17-18 Recap

During his work as a vocal guide, K. But since you put yourself out there, I had to say something. How can they not notice that some of their characters, who had been given some significant airtime in the beginning, have been missing for the past 10 episodes?

I’m not going to give points just because it seemed interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the premise of this show. So then what the hell was the point of disappearing for a year? Synopssis September 6, at 9: You must really have been frustrated by HYS. Will has released four full-length albums: The first drama that I am on into weekly turned out disappoints and unsatisfied.

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Anyways, if one person can ruin a drama, then there was already a big problem to start with. For a project to go this bad, there must be some pretty bad management going on, be it the producers, directors, writers, bosses KBS and so on.

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But I figure Eric must shine in at least one drama that doesn’t suck. She is so relieved because she has yelled herself hoarse, and swarms of fish and all kinds of sea creatures have all gathered near the shore and are all glaring nastily at her. Both spy parents have decided to stay in South Korea and defect. Without understanding Shin Seong-il, it is hard to get grasp of Korean film history nor Korean modern cultural history.

Hey-it may not be great, and may not be told as eloquently haha as our dear writers of the drama, but at least if filled in some gaps. Sure, but not right away. Search for ” Seupayi Myeong-wol ” on Amazon. One year later, Kang-woo continues to have dreams about Myung-wol and their happily married life that could have been.


Eventually, Myung Crama sees Choi Ryu with the pen she threw at him. Discovery of Love Hangul: A woman in a short wig bumps into him. Ani September 6, at 8: All of them, especially the talents, could have done something far better with their precious short time in the industry.

Formed in by The Entertainment Pascal,[fn 1] the group attracted attention as they were initially produced by Eric Mun of the boy band Shinhwa.

As for the ending, despite feeling like drinking the glass half full since it didn’t resolve all the loose ends BUT I am quite content that at least it’s a happy ending, no one dies, amnesia I too, was watching this drama purely for Eric, he delivered his acting scenes so well, he was crying, yelling, screaming and doing what he needed to do and he still looked HOT doing it.

Choi thanked her for having given him a chance, and for her love. You were not personally effected by it; it just affected the drama that you watched, so chill out.

This is one of those drama that starts off with a very strong plot and a promising cast, but ends up in frivolous territory. I just enjoyed watching the work done by this wonderful cast. The unlikely love story between a crown prince and his eunuch. According to drama spin, Jang Geun Seok basically wrote the last episode, post his kidnap. Still… It was so much fun from the beginning to the end.

If it was because to create an impact that they were indeed assassinated to the north government, then marrying kang woo who is a public figure, wont that still indicate that she and choi ryu are very much alive??? You may have to search for the final scene on You Tube and recap elsewhere, if you don’t understand it, but it is worth it.

After the concert, the military officer’s daughter asks The Battle of Inchon Hangul: Good luck to you all on your next projects.