Shane was Arthur’s first cinematic role in five years, and her last, at the age of 50—though she later appeared in theater, and a short-lived television series. Though basically an American creation, the western had its counterparts in the gaucho literature…. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shane counters that a gun is a tool, no better nor worse than an axe or a shovel, and as good or bad as the man using it. Ladd was uncomfortable with guns; Shane’s shooting demonstration for Joey required takes. Crossword Clues You could see this on a cake in the freezer? Retrieved June 18, Shane contains something more than the beauty and the grandeur of the mountains and plains, drenched by the brilliant Western sunshine and the violent, torrential, black-browed rains.

His other westerns from this decade…. Films Set for 3 to 5 Aspect Ratio”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Motion Picture Daily , May 20, It was directed by George Stevens and featured fine acting, an intelligent and moving script, and stunning cinematography. This page was last edited on 20 February , at After many attempts, he finally executed a flawless dismount, which Stevens then used for all of the Wilson character’s dismounts and—run in reverse—his mounts as well.

Unable to resolve who should go, the two men end up fighting it out. Speed Racer on Siggraph Though basically an American creation, the western had its counterparts in the gaucho literature…. We have 1 possible answer in our database. Joey, who idolizes Shane, begs the gunfighter to stay, but he refuses. Frank Freeman for a list of available actors with current contracts; within three minutes he chose Alan Ladd, Van Heflin, and Jean Arthur.


Five Came Back documentary. Thank you for your feedback. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved June 18, If you yomestead to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Though they have claimed their land legally under the Homestead Actsa ruthless cattle baron, Rufus Ryker Emile Meyerhas hired rogues and henchmen to harass them and drive them out of the valley.

Although never explicitly stated, the basic plot elements of Shane were derived from the Johnson County War in Wyomingthe archetypal cattlemen—homesteaders conflict, which also served as the background for The Virginian and Starrettts Gate.

1 Year, 100 Movies #45 Shane (1953)

A Japanese court ruled that the amendment was not retroactive, and therefore any film released during or prior to remained in the public domain in Japan. At Torrey’s funeral, stzrretts is talk among the settlers of giving in to Ryker and moving on; but after battling a fire set by Ryker’s men, they find new determination and resolve to continue the fight. Ryker hires Wilson Jack Palancea wayward gunman, to scare off the homesteaders.

A distraught Marian asks Shane why he is doing this. We also get a glimpse of our main antagonist, Rufus Ryker Emile Meyerand his ridiculous hair.

If only the rest of the film could have the same feeling. When the bullheaded Torrey rides into town with a fellow farmer, Wilson baits him. As the film ends, Shane’s farewell words to Joey are recited, verbatim, at the title character’s grave.


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He befriends the Starretts, all the while hiding his reputation as a legendary gunfighter. In addition, he had the two principal shooting victims—Palance and Elisha Cook Jr.

Shane was listed No. UW School of Law. For links to 90 —click on 1 Year, Movies 90 Swing Time Starrett has stargetts his hands from becoming bloodied. Although the film’s image was shot using the standard 1.

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Shane, aware that Starrett is no match for Wilson in a gunfight, says he must go instead. Did you find this helpful? InShane was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”. A brawl ensues; Shane prevails, with Starrett’s help. Shane stars Alan Ladd and Jean Arthur in the last feature and only color film of her career.

The fictional town and Starrett homestead were constructed for the film near Kellyin the Jackson Hole homesyead, and demolished after filming was completed. The New York Times Company.