I am a nerdy accountant. My roommates and I talk with him for a bit, introduce ourselves, and invite him out for a quick drink as a nice gesture. She started vomiting on our floor and throwing up out the windows. He says no and proceeds to go sit on the couch in the living room. Came home one day to an angry downstairs neighbor who informed me that the kid was on the balcony throwing tampons, my DVDs, anything he could get his hands on out onto the back lawn while she camwhored ten feet away. Skip to content Toggle navigation.

So, when I move in she and her boyfriend live there, she had moved in with the boyfriend who already lived at the house a few months before I did. I lived in the library—coming back around 1AM to sleep and typically leaving for my early morning classes before she got up. Academics What is the Behavioral Research Lab and why does it pay me? Then SHE stays in the house and makes him move out. Around 9am I hear Eric get up and turn on his music, and I go back to my bedroom and lie down for a bit. From Around the Web.

That would have been fine with me, except that apparently, using a toilet it just too monumental a task for some people to undertake. All of us were over 21 except for one lucky as hell Freshman who somehow managed to get assigned to the apartment.

It had been smushed against the window and then smeared around, and then left to bake heh in the sun. Plus, I was in a desperate situation, and her price was really good considering how expensive our area is. So, when I move in she and her boyfriend live there, she had moved in with the boyfriend who already lived at the house a few months before I did.

She went into my Facebook account and deleted posts. Without turning off the water. I was handcuffed storids questioned in my pajamas.


WTF? Your worst roommate and suitemate stories revealed – Columbia Daily Spectator

By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. She saw me struggling, and I was trying to open the door with all my boxes in my arms, [and] the door sliced open my arm.

I would storiess home from class there would be the friend wrapped up in my favorite blanket drinking all my dr. If you’re using UBlock Origin: I still have the videos of her just walking in, looking in my closet, and leaving; other times, she would go into my bathroom and rifle through my stuff. Just writing this stresses me out.

He had no job for months, so he was home all day long and never even dusted. Copyright Spectator Publishing Company. It was surrounded by a gross brown stain on the floor littered sgories dead flies.

Why Bad Suitemates Are a Special Kind of Hell

By Columbia Daily Spectator. I was able to usher him towards the stairs to my room, but he stopped in the kitchen to talk to my roommate he was friends with my 4 friends I lived with. Sometimes even a visitor at around 4am. Then I used a knife and cut the pepper into long pieces.

The year ended not a second too soon, and we parted in mutual stoires, with all the requisite smiles and almost-tears and admonishments to have a safe and happy summer.

One of our roommates had early access to the apartment and spent the summer there, and these were his. In the loop 5 podcasts we are listening horroor this month.

Chem trails, secret societies, the end of the world. So if you moved in as a group of three you would usually just get a free extra room, occasionally you would get a random one person.

In the Loop I. He tackled my fiance to the ground and starts trying to fistfight. Who thinks of these things?? In our state, a month-to-month lease requires a 7 day notice.

Now, Spectrum is here to reveal the worst roommate stories. The final straw was when I took a day trip the coast. Responses have been edited for clarity and length. The worst part of this is he never threw anything away, so there were dozens of lollipop sticks that were stuck to the carpet, and beer cans stuffed under the couch. She was an incredible girl, and Tom treated her like shit. It got so bad I called an exterminator.


The final straw came from when, in November, I was cleaning out the fridge.

His Facebook says B. After a few minutes both cops convene, tell us that the girl admitted that my bf never actually threatened her and that because he had no contact with her while there that night and that he was invited over zuitemate people who had their names on the lease that they had no cause to do anything.

The flies were feeding and breeding off of this thing and apparently had been for weeks. I was listening to my stereo in the living room one day and she came out of her room, went to the stereo, turned it down, went back into her room and locked the door. I did four loads of dishes, turning the train wreck of a kitchen into something mostly clean.

Bitch0 and Suitemwte right? My school email started getting bombarded with emails—she signed me up for car insurance quotes, tire quotes, house quotes, two prepaid debit cards were sent to me in the mail usernames for the accounts? My trials have prepared me for this moment, and I appreciate my trips to the oval office more than I ever would have before.