After Sun Joon left Sungkyunkwan, he would study in another school. All I’m saying Guh ro, darling I’m here with a shoulder or two to cry on if you need me! Yoon Hee is outside, writing to him and sending it through the rope. Things…just turned out the way they did. And that pained look when she walked out despondently…. I’ve also had a sneaking suspicion that Jae-shin is a covert genius ahh could I love him more??? Test two is a written test with short-answers.

Thanks Girlfriday – your recaps interspersed among Cassie’s and Red Pill’s take the DB coverage of this drama to an extra level of awesomeness. What about, er, um, the rather more far-reaching question of their feelings for each other? This whole episode made me coo and giggle all the way home. Which is why I understand Han-gyul’s angst to some degree. Fulfill my order and create a new Joseon. Jae-shin tries to butter his father up by pouring him wine but the latter sees through his bluff and tells him to quit playing Hong Byuk Seo.

Haha, looks like losing the hair made him lose his confidence too! So pretty as a girl. Jae-shin and Yong-ha showed up for the exam out of respect for the Chancellor and professors. I play episodes over and over again. After a while, it seemed like a conscious tactic to garner sympathy from the hero. My boyfriend is actually a girlfriend… Oh, I see. I can’t wait until the finale. And since Sunjoon doesn’t have these reasons, he can be less upset. A king comes bearing… fruit Fangirl wins!


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But I say screw history! He says he has an obligation to protect her, but she wants his help, not his protection. When In Soo was near the paper wall, Yong Ha quickly stood up to block him while talking to him.

I’m all for your idea jubilantia. Then again, everyone is acting so well, that sometimes the words just aren’t necessary. His father advises him to be careful; the world has its eyes on him and is waiting for him to misstep. How I feel about this scene will depend largely on how they go about resolving this issue. Sun Joon was like yeah of course! What other right does he need?

I’m not sure Yong-ha should end up with anyone; he’s so amusing as a loose cannon. Anyhow, the memoir in which Lady Hyegyong finally reveals all that really had happened with Sado is her last memoir: Red Pill, correct me if I am wrong in my understanding of what sungkyunkwsn articulated thus far.

MICKY knows how to kiss.

And she tells him why she started her charade, and her real name. That’s exactly what I felt like. There, transcribers are filling in cheat books and answer sheets.

The editing of this series sometime is a big let down.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 13 – 15 | THOUGHTSRAMBLE

How about helping her finish her education in Sungkyunkwan instead? Especially with her brother.

Most newly minted couples would wake up to a brand new rceap exchanging ILYs. Yeah for the king! What used to bore me before is much more interesting in the final stretch, mostly because our foursome become active detectives in solving the mystery and finding the treasure, metaphorically speaking.


I admit, I’m no history expert and wouldn’t take on scaandal responsibility of passing on knowledge that I don’t know.

Yong-ha has the most unusual trajectory and I really like it. I have a debt that I must repay to this person. I simply disagree with the detractor.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 13 – 15

From your recap of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Mi Ho definitely more interesting than all the gisaeng Yong Ha met. You really are something, thoughts in my head are all here. He wanted to tie loose ends Yay for J4 Jalgeum Quartet!!! Looking forward to watching 17 and 18 tomorrow after this huge presentation And I think this is where your [very strong] point about self-centered thinking Han-gyul vs.

He reca mockingly at himself. I think In-soo is too stuck in evil mode. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Look at their terrified expressions! Man, I just squeed all over this recap, I hope no-one heard me. Mars October 28, at 9: