She has been identified with Mary the sister of Lazarus, but without any grounds. He was essentially a warrior, but in his early campaigns was defeated by the Egyptians. It was employed to discover the wrongdoer in the cases of Achan Jos 7: But, while in 3: Jonathan thereupon became a supporter of Demetrius II. On the other hand, however, many differences are to be noted. It was at this time that Antipater, the father of Herod I.

Although this is probably an error, Judas was now at the head of the State. In b Mamre is an old name, either of Hebron or of a part of Hebron cf. The mark of the prophet. With the worship of the Virgin there gradually arose a belief in her sinlessness. He is perhaps the same as the preceding. One of those who sealed the covenant Neh All this must lend significance to NT mention.

It is indeed possible, as many think, that a very few phrases in our Mk. In the Interview with the witch of Endorit appears that Saul was told by the witch what she saw, but the king himself entered into the conversation.

Arrows are once specified as the means by which the lot was cast Ezk On a comparison of the four accounts, it seems that Malchus pressed forward eagerly to seize Jesus, whereupon Peter struck at him with his sword.

The Virgin then in reply uttered her noble hymn of exultation. Inquiry respecting the future was also made of heathen deities 2 K 1: On the other hand, however, many differences are to be noted.

According to Josephus, the daughter of Aretas retired to this place when she left the higamous Antipas. Four of those who had married foreign wives, Ezr Whether the subordination of the wife can be maintained as ultimate may be questioned in view of such passages as Gal 3: But we may well assume that the growth of this confident belief was bastened by the knowledge that the doctrine was already held by another nation.

For six years the war raged, and it is said that 50, Jews perished. The accounts of this incident as given in the first two Gospels and by St. No omrii the Targum expressed the Jewish opinion of the time.


Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, “Kelly, Edward” to “Kite” by Various

Why, however, supposing this identification to be correct, the Scythians should be called. The tribe, owing to its situation, had much to endure during the Syrian wars Am 1: The very earliest legislation enacts that witchcraft shall be punished by episodde Ex Its site is doubtful, but as ancient statements make it near the river Pyramus, near the sea, and also on a hill, Professor Ramsay identifies it with Kara-Tashon a coast line of hills E.

Herodotus tells us that the Magi formed one of six tribes or castes of the Medes. Episoee consideration will show that the evidence could not be essentially greater than it is.

In Egypt it was a common practice for worshippers to sleep within the precincts of the temples in order to obtain intimations by dreams, and some devotees lived by the rewards received by them for episose the dreams which had come to them in the temple.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, “Kelly, Edward” to “Kite” by Various – Free Ebook

But the words caused a difficulty to the early versions, which substitute desertion for divorce, and may be a later insertion, added for the sake of completeness. Above the supposed site of the cave there is now a rectangular enclosure called the Harammeasuring ft. Probably the last leaf of the original, or at least of the copy from which all the MSS existing in the 2nd cent were taken, has disappeared. And after this Jesus himself [appeared to them and] sent out by means of them from the East even to the West the holy and incorruptible preaching of the eternal salvation.

Polygamy among the Hebrews was confined to a plurality of wives polygyny. The special circumstances of the time, which serve so far to determine the date, appear in the importance assigned to ritual, and the severity with which neglect or irregularity in this part of religious observance is treated. A son of Simon the high priest, who was murdered, together with his father and brother Judas, at a banquet at Dok, by Ptolemy the son of Abubus 1 Mac The hill on which the ruins of Mareshah stand is riddled with the most extraordinary caves, once human dwellings.


But re-marriage also closes the door to reconciliation, which on Christian principles ought always to be possible; cf. The parallel passage, 1 Ch 1: Mark, if he wrote after the others, should have added a cock-crowing.

A priest, the father of Pashhur 1 Ch 9: If so, the difficulty was twofold, striking at the Levirate custom as well as at the belief in the Resurrection Edershelm, LT ii.

Also the Second Evangelist alone relates the two cock-crowings It is tsman very natural suggestion that the initial m of Madmen has arisen by dittography from the final m of the preceding word, and that for Madmen we should read Dimon cf. The contents of the book point in the same direction. Mt 2, where the wise men, who appear to have been astrologers, 13 met by God in their darkness, and led to the infant Saviour [Edersheim, LT i.

It is clear from what is said of the cities which were in Issachar and Asher v. On the question which is the right gloss, opinions are divided. Recent discoveries have revealed that the Babylonians believed in a vast number of demons who could be compelled by proper spells; also they practised astrology Is This was common in Babylon Diod. The two peoples came to the great idea by different roads.