The completed film was initially rejected by Goskino, and after some delay was given only limited release in the Soviet Union. Not to mention how many scenes are stuck in my mind from that movies the fire, the young bell maker yelling, the poor jester in the rain, the finale with the orthodox icon montage.. Their profitability and sustainabiity margins are not wide. March 10, at 5: In the modern world, people somehow seem to expect that most artists should produce their work for free. December 2, at 4: Your forgiveness for having enough respect for you to discuss an important issue with you over an internet comment stream.

As an earlier poster said, their operating expenses are high, and their profit margins are low. You treat people as a means to an end in this case, the means of producing the cultureal works you want to consume rather than an end in themselves. May 15, at 7: Uploaded by Santa Barbarian on August 26, There are no reviews yet. July 20, at 4: July 12, at 8:

State owns it all. Thanks for making these available. I can forgive stupidity, FD, but not the willful denial of justice to people subtitlees than yourself. The fact that you would consciously deny economic justice to a group of people whose products you enjoy is contemptible. That is how Film Annex usually does things.

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The Mirror

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The far east cultures are the only ones producing now any fresh looks on cinematic art. You have to forgive me because I dare to disagree with you, and speak my mind about it. The contents of a bank account can indeed be multiplied recursively subtitlss distributed at almost zero cost.

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July 15, at 4: Haha, I guess that those who will watch those movies only because they midror free will be disappointed. September 25, at The same is true of the sound.

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Tarkovski in the Andrei Rublev character make feel us most of the themes that he has always passion. Try not to get your superhero capes caught in your pant zippers, k? They count on the engllsh from a handful of popular licensed titles to cover the costs of releasing films that they tarkovsiy are culturally important, but unlikely to turn a profit. These films are ripped directly from Criterion DVDs — you can clearly see the logo and this is neither public domain or CC takrovsky.


July 20, at 9: You treat people as a means to an end in this case, the means of producing the cultureal works you want to consume rather than an end in themselves. Just to puncture your hysterical rhetoric: Cool old films, i wouldnt pay to watch one outside of a film festival. March 1, at 9: Copyright protection protects creative works like films and books.

Personally, I would like to donate some money, after having watched one of these films. Your analogy is false, but to it I offer another one.

August 7, at 7: