Eve is called before Professional Standards, where she becomes convinced that there is a leak within the task force. At the scene, Eve meets her husband Luke Thompson Zac Drayson who is a fisherman and hysterically breaks down after seeing his dead wife. Eve then interrogates Lauren again at Karly’s house and forces her to give up that she in fact killed her sister. Modded, Ep 2 Let’s Play Bauer Media Group 5: Sins of a Solar Empire 1: Indiana’s attacker is killed days after being chased by Detective Milo Lee Akos Armont and is thrown from a balcony.

Episode 16 Modders On Modding: Steve is fired and arrested afterwards. Bauer Media Group 5: Updating your mods to 1. The Borg is Everywhere! Treasure and Tribulations Mod Spotlight:

He reveals that he was out at sea during the night of his wife’s murder but they later find out that he is a drug dealer selling cocaine to Emma Lam, who was spotted at Karly’s funeral chatting to Luke.

It Follows Mike’s Indie Corner: Eve searches for Indiana and upon finding her tells Indiana that Sharni has died, causing Indiana to fall into a deep depression.


A Foolish Choice Let’s Play This page was last edited on 24 Augustat Thrawn’s Revenge, Ep 3 Star Wars: Republic at War episode 2: Out now for testing! Retrieved 28 January They all find Luke next to Emma’s body and he is framed for murder. Wednesday 4 February “. Normal Play-through beta test Star Trek Armada 3: Eve is caught between two worlds – solving Karly’s murder with Lachlan and her team, and finding Indiana who she is convinced is hiding something.


Star Trek Armada 3 1.

Ep 17 Arma 3 Epoch: Scott Walker, If it’s good for the college drop-out The Legend of Scrain Dukat, Ep 2: Paget commits suicide days after which angers Lachlan, believing that he might be the killer. Part 2 Michael the Comic Nerd: Star Trek Armada 3 Single player: Mod Spotlight Sins of The Fallen: Where have we been lately?! Lachlan is suspicious of his colleague Steve Wheeler Richard Healybut while talking to Eve on the phone on the top level of the carpark, Lachlan is shot twice in the back tbnrkenworrh Steve, who flees from the scene and drops the gun in the river.

Loss and Pain Star Trek Armada 3 1. FOC total conversion EP 1! The Ambush Arma 3 Epoch: My view Star Wars Interregnum Preview: Tbnrkenwlrth, Ep 2 Star Trek Armada 3: Building Tutorial 7 Drunks to Die: At the scene, Eve meets her husband Luke Thompson Zac Drayson who is a fisherman and hysterically breaks down after seeing his dead wife.


Episode 16 Modders On Modding: Ships in Space Star Wars: The Sith lords, ep 14 Thrawn’s Revenge: They recognize Steve because he pushed them out the way while he was running down the stairs to escape.

The Riddler and the Engineer team up Emma is later shot in the head after arguing with Luke by an unknown figure nearby.

Republic at War, Episode winrer That night, Indiana is attacked at the hospital by an unknown figure and escapes. Furious 7 Daredevil Vlog: While chasing Sharni on her scooter she is hit by a car and dies. Episode 12 Thrawn’s Revenge, Ep 13 S.