Sevenz Superb drama, great acting and soundtracks. Comments by Eyeyore [Rating: I dunno what the laws for nurses are in Japan, but are they allowed to perform at least needle thoracotomies, at least under supervision? The one good doctor in the hospital is also a nice dude, and the episode that involves him was good drama. In fact, being a fan of Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji, all the graphics made it easier to understand all the stuff they were doing. We need more dramas like this! Aoi treats all her patients like family, and is really a nice person. A disgraced surgeon turned government worker is tasked to help rejuvenate a dying community hospital.

Comments by EstherM [Rating: A new Batista technique? A disgraced surgeon turned government worker is tasked to help rejuvenate a dying community hospital. Most of it is thankfully really really good. Still fun, but not as fun as Iryu. The episodes are well-paced and scripted, and the drama benefits from an ensemble of interesting characters that are well fleshed out by the cast. But since he has a very good skill, he’s being used to help a person aki to complete her thesis so she can be a proffesor.. Plotwise, this dorama had a clear direction and continuously drove toward that goal without losing overall focus, usually a problem with other medical doramas.

People, watch it, it’s definitely one of the top on my list. All these shows have genius’ in them. Je finirai par une phrase: By the way, I hate the ending.

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Comments by EstherM [Rating: And in addition to that, every surgery is like watching a baseball match. Comments by Fight-oh [Rating: Superdoc saves the day but not the drama [Rating: All the other doctors had so much time that they are either gossiping, politicking or watching the ‘baseball match’ ‘live’ broadcast.


When money can buy medicxl, when pride can ruin for just one moment, when friendship means everything. Comments by Lady Zhuge [Rating: Comments by Daichi Kai [Rating: Sevenz Superb drama, great acting and soundtracks.

Comments by nienna [Rating: I can say that because im really not a big fan of all those medical stuff Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: Ogoddrama Kihara is there, I don’t know – he does not provide any comic relief whatsoever. Sakaguchi is soooo hot in it. I added a point after watching Kato and Ijyuuin’s character grow.

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Comments by Ezalor [Rating: Acting was cool but I hated those draton speeches while somebody is about to die But still a good drama. Comments by zenith [Rating: Comments by kaonashi [Rating: A super genius surgeon goes to a hospital, to perform a super hard heart surgery season 1 and to revitalize a dying hospital season 2. For a medical dorama, very well done!

Izumi played her no-nonsense role pretty effectively. Every episode is very touching It’s a classic story of good versus evil: Comments by strawberrynkiwi [Rating: Comments by gopro [Rating: Would’ve been only one day if I hadn’t had to go to booddrama

Now all they need is a Yakitate Japan drama. Best Medical Drama [Rating: The sdason is superb Comments by vieuxcon [Rating: God Hand Teru Starring: If he’s in a bind, on the other hand, he summons the strength of his dead father and gains super genius surgeon powers. Again, a fun drama. This medical drama didn’t get bogged down in too much romantic relationship dynamics but it did recognize some.



The filming is professional and modern, which is not that common among dorama. It is difficult to think that doctors aren’t treating patients because they want to help them, but choosing their patients so that they can gain a better reputation.

It’s just the opposite that aki had changed by him and have the same vision in the end.

So it’s not that fun. Do not proceed if you do not want to read about this drama’s endings and plots!

Reviewed by barracudalite on 5 November It made surgeons look so damn kakkoi.

If I had to be in that team, I can make sure that I will not turn against my team ‘coz it’s a perfect team. It also makes you feel like your IQ has drwgon up a couple of points by listening to all that medical lingo But still, his acting is very good. Maybe plot is not very original but it is totally entertaining and worthwatching.