With bundled and desktop systems, operation is typically all about the user interface, though many users leverage watch folders to gain some measure of automation. Read on to learn which one is right for your needs. Streaming Forum [27 February ]. This is much more convenient than the multiple presets required by AME and Compressor. Personalisation is a Powerful Proposition. Switch Play, inspect and correct all your media files. Louden’s assertion that Telestream Episode makes a good match for post production seems right on the money.

Or you might want to test an encoded file for quality issues and kick that out before delivery. Also on the performance front, Episode Engine can split a single, large file into multiple parts for more efficient encoding on a multiple-core computer or networked cluster. Longtime VFX artist, editor, software developer, and business owner Simon Ubsdell is inspired by an Andrew Kramer AE tutorial to combine Apple Motion’s particles, displacements, 3D compositing, and advanced blurs to create an incredibly realistic animation of raindrops on a window. Vantage Social Make publishing to social media sites fast and easy. Expression and Squeeze can also encode using GPU acceleration with the MainConcept codec, though the quality may suffer using this technique. Apple Motion Apple Motion 5: So be sure that all of your short-list candidates meet your needs in this regard.

Post Producer Automate content assembly and repetitive production processes. Telestream Episode Pro Recently, Creative COW leader and business owner Walter Biscardi needed a very flexible and fast compression tool that also provided extremely high quality end products for his clients.

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Wirecast Gear All-in-one live streaming production for desktop. Although a dot release is often a minor event, Telestream upped the ante with version 6. Workflow That Plays For Keeps: Lightspeed Live Capture Video capture and processing.

TrafficManager Streamline ad ingest and management. Adobe offers a review and approval workflow via Adobe CS Review, while Apple offers no similar function.


For example, you might need to encode a file with a 4: Or you might want to test an encoded file for quality issues and kick that out before delivery.

Multiformat Video Encoding Software &#x7c Telestream Episode &#x7c Overview

There are three categories of software encoding tools: Each episkde provides some bright spots in the performance realm. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a podcaster, an audio engineer, or a musician, there are surprisingly affordable and powerful options for pro audio with your iPad. These programs are typically modular in nature and sit above encoding and quality-control modules that are available separately. There are bundled, desktop, and enterprise offerings. In terms of scalability, Expression Encoder operates on a totally stand-alone basis, so telesrream copies on networked workstations buys you nothing.

On the adaptive streaming front, both Expression Encoder and the full version of Squeeze but not Squeeze Lite offer single presets with multiple outputs within the user interface, and they produce the chunked output and metadata files required for the supported adaptive streaming formats.

Telestrean includes a nice chart on its website www.

Telestream Episode 6.2 Opens New Doors in Encoding

Other new features include a Timecode Conversion filter that allows Episode to carry timecode through to encoded outputs, even when complex conversions have changed the encoded output frame rate.

Live Streaming Summit [ November ]. Figure 1, which is a grab from a Telestream Vantage product webpage, provides an example of some of the typical input sources and output targets. Unfortunately, there are many vendors in the enterprise encoding space, each with multiple products.

However, the server component is an extra cost, and it represents a single point of failure, so you may have to buy two servers for complete failover support. Vidchecker Automated quality control and correction of file-based media. Episode Engine can also be used in more advanced packaging workflows with new EDL conforming capability including playlist conforming, ad insertion and removal and other tasks.


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Buyer’s Guide: Software Encoders –

Some enterprise encoders, such as Sorenson Squeeze Server and Telestream Episode Engine, are primarily encoding engines. This is much more convenient than the multiple presets required by AME and Compressor. This makes a features-table evaluation unworkable. Also new on the format support side, new image sequence input capability enables submission of DPX, TIFF or TGA image sequences for transcoding to the range of output formats epispde by Episode encoders. Learn more about how to create another profit center from your work!

This type of product works well in environments where there are inherently few quality-control risks, such as with producers who encode their own content.

In addition, it offers future P2 capability via a free firmware update. Gameshow Easy, powerful game streaming software.

Specifically, Squeeze Lite can encode only a single file telewtream a time, while the full version can encode as many jobs as there are cores on your system, plus one.

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