Meanwhile Kiro who was playing with her toys, finds the Tenkai Stone and remembering what Beni told her about it being a lucky charm decides to fulfill her promise to her and give it to Guren. Kiro takes Ceylan’s core brick and runs off, prompting a search of the house ending in a standoff with Kiro locking herself in the bathroom. Two Sides to Every Coin Episode In his room Guren wants to come behind the mystery of the robot, but isn’t successful. The Dragon is split back into five cubes that fuse with the Knights and Dromus , gaining the Phoenix mode with the power to destroy Vilius for good and restore the portal. The Knights unlock Titan Fusion and tributan destroy the clones. When the gang try a whack-a-mole style practice exercise inside a large room where snakes pop out in every direction, Ceylan manages to beat Chooki’s score.

Back in Beast World as they are about to begin another race, Bravenwolf refuses and demands to see the Beast King. Dromus appears and challenges Villius to a battle. Meanwhile Toxsa and Ceylan are fighting such a hard battle they have to go Titan mode. When the Guardians attack the Tenkai Fortress the knights show up to try to defend it. Heart Turns to Stone Episode When on Quarton, the Tenkai Knights do battle against some of Dromus’ experiments. There a strange phenomenon known as Brickification turns a Teapot, part of a table and a picture frame into brittle objects composed of tiny bricks.

Beni reveals her real identity, and a battle rages over the portal to Earth. Villius is angry that Venetta has betrayed him. Two Sides to Every Coin Episode Beni and Gen scheme on Earth for a way to distract Guren from the other boys. They finally arrive at the Key and have to go through booby traps. He takes this pretty bad and wants to keep trying until he catches one.


While on Quarton – in search of the next Dragon cube – the boys discover that they can combine their Tenkai Knights to become something more powerful, the Prodojet.

Meeting together at school they discuss what has happened. As Dromus strike the Tenkai Dragon, it split into ten cubes where five of the cubes represents its natural Tenkai energy while the other five represents the corrupted Tenkai energy.

Feeling the Epissode Episode There a strange phenomenon known as Brickification turns a Teapot, part of a table and a picture frame into brittle objects composed of tiny bricks.

Dojo Mojo Episode Beag appears to be lost forever when he falls into a vast eisode. The origins of Vilius continues! In her apartment Beni opens a cube her dad left her revealing a glowing pink stone which she takes to Quarton.

The Knights on Quarton have to battle evil clones of themselves created by Eurus. Fortress Revealed Episode In the end, the Tenkai Knights face the appearance of Dromus, an evil clone of Bravenwolf who takes the fourth Dragon Cube with him. Will they find it in time? Good and Evil Transcription: During the fight, Guren reveals his human identity to Vilius before destroying him.

On Quarton, a new villain named Venetta is revealed. But Bravenwolf in his anger and determination to save his father leads his fellow knights into a trap.

White who manages the Earth side of the portal, an intriguing thrift store, for some Quarton help, but he says he’ll only help them if they agree to help him in the store. The Key to Evil Episode At the same time, Boreas and the other Corekai mention that the balance tenkkai Tenkai energy is unbalanced.


Tenkai Knights – Episode Guide –

Guren seeks out the advice of his friends, who in a bid to not pressure him, promptly change the subject or outright avoid the topic of Quarton.

The Knights soon run into Beag, and after completing tasks given to them by Orangor are allowed to return to the surface. The opening theme is “Get the Glory” by Ayako Nakanomori. The Knights unlock Titan Fusion and tributan destroy the clones. The Guardians’ mastery of Tenkai energy is revealed and Vilius learns some dangerous new tricks. No I in Team Episode Toxsa sees a flower being brickified and touches it being affected himself.

Vilius Unleashed

In school he tells Ceylan about this unleasher and finds out that Ceylan had the same dream. White gives them the robots free of charge.

Toxsa Blocked Episode Is he the best Tenkai Knight he can be? Double Crossed Episode The boys are starting come together as a team as they learn more about Quarton. Dromus Betrayed Episode Origins [ edit ] Tenkai Knights: New heroes emerge to fight for the Knights’ cause. The boys asked Mr.

Two Beast soldiers Gorilix and Gorzad also join the race in the Bolt-Blitzer round out the roster with a “wish” given to the victor. Tenkai Rogue Episode Granox travels to Earth to attack her but she is rescued by Guren and his friends.