Mikhail regains his memories after a car accident. Now, Yury was crying too, walking down the gravel path in the deep, red sunset. The inside of the building was magnificent as well. The time now is Strong enough to protect what you love. Always, always, with Yury. It was soooo sad, but so good. Poor Misha to be hearing such dreadful things from his own father… Ok, I finish my rambling, thank you once again for taking your time and clarifying things for me.

Even covered in mud, or worn to tatters – if he had only managed to stop that carriage, Mikhail would have never been in that accident. Since that summer, he had always felt a special and unexplainable emotion towards Maxim. They both rushed to the window and peered in to find a middle-aged man standing in the the dimly lit room, dressed in fine attire. His gaze lowered, Viktor placed the boots by his side. He went from cheerful to spoiled to slutty to hostile to bitter to sad with such ease as Mikhail. It was really intresting and sad. Outside the safety of the carriage, large raindrops were hammering against the mountainside and the trees were waving too and fro. Come with me, Yury.

Just because they weren’t graced with your beauty, they see you as an unfriendly rival. How unfortunate of him to miss such a wonderful stage! What about you, Viktor? Yury turned around to find an equally flawlessly cf woman dressed in an angelically white evening gown, standing before him. Pale, white skin, like the snows in the Russian winter. The workers and people of lower class had all been shoved away into the slums of Peski, where the sunlight was not so generous.

People whispered that he must have been swept into the river or eaten by mountain bears. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Viktor would even go to the extent of killing Yuri if it would benefit Yuri himself, even though that means that he would lose Yuri forever. One must not acknowledge these things.

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Not by the pages of the novels. You make me doki doki inside. This is my first time sharing something other than an upload I’m very sorry for those that have been waiting patiently!


The men who pushed past Yury to get to Max were unmistakably all social family acquaintances. Could Yury himself endure a man so cold and tahnatos I wouldn’t put it past Izumi-sensei to end her story the way she did in volume Why don’t you show me after the Opera? Folder inside have Chinese txt file. Thank you so much for your review, even its years later. It was soooo sad, but so good. Maxim gladly agreed to take care of Yury, but Yury, after having gone through so much trauma, had more or less been a ball of fear and did not open up to Maxim at all in the beginning.

Maxim is the third son of an aristocratic family and he chose to work as a journalist out of interest.

Thanatos no Futago 1917 Translation – Carthago delenda est.

After he found out that Max escaped along with Mikhail, Yuri was confused and enraged. This is probably the same for Mikhail too. Dutago and Yuri, a pair of twins who were separated by cruel fate at a young age, found themselves on the opposite sides during the political upheaval in early s Russia.

It had to be. Viktor probably saw Maxim as a lowly and disrespectful man who worked as a writer for a minor town newspaper, always sniffing around for good stories like a dog. It was so loud that Mikhail clamped his hands over his ears, and he faintly heard the neigh of horses.

Thanatos no futago + – (タナトスの双子 +)

If only he had been born so flawless. You should go around it,” he said, pointing toward an opening in the picket fence in the distance. The last thing thanqtos had expected was to see his friend here, of all places.

More than anyone in this whole, wide, world. It is certainly at the very tip top of my list of favorites right now, and will probably stay there for a while. Elderly politicians may be early birds in nature, but-” he was cut off by an impatient sigh from Viktor. The last thing they wanted to admit was that they had been played with and used by a boy half their age. Yury… The last thing he thought of was nothing other than the most beloved person to him in the whole, wide, world.


Yury did his best to act cheerful in front of her, but whenever Natasha would look at Yury, she would be reminded of Mikhail, and tears would fall from her already tearstained eyes. Once we grow up, we’ll have trouble finding work, and if we don’t, we won’t have money to cure mother’s sickness. Basically because I expected a certain ending for my favorite couple in her Seikanji series but jo changed my expectations last minute so now I’m holding out hope that Thanatos no Futago won’t end the way it did XD; Edited at How wrong he had been.

But I had a feeling Max loves Yuri coz the way he brushed his cheek when we first meet him in the opera… there was definitely sth to deama.

And as far as I know, I didn’t see that the novels were licensed, so I took the liberty and started translating.

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Sobbing uncontrollably, he managed to drag himself home, and through his blurry vision, he caught sight of something that made his heart nearly stop. I came here today because I got wind that you would be here too. Beyond the glass window of the carriage, he could see Yury running after the carriage.

Or is that too difficult a feat for you? They keep asking people to sleep with them? Yury raised the bottle held tightly in his small hands.

We must give thanks to God.