While he is out, news comes that Rob has regained consciousness. Mike finds Axl and tells him that Anders is fine, then convinces him to forgive Gaia. Axl dodges the bullet and faces Derrick down, getting him to accept his authority as Odin and to show more respect for Delphine. Early Osmonds The Bradys: Meanwhile Axl is bunking off with Tanzie, a young woman who accidentally came into the bar, and ends up saving her from drowning when the sea attacks them by zapping him with miniature lightning. The Almighty Johnsons —

Later, they admit they had been sent to kill Gaia as an infant, to avert disaster for giants and dwarfs alike should she become Frigg, but instead had chosen to protect her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They work through their feelings and gradually acknowledge that they care for one another. Axl gets Hanna and Martin’s address from Ty, but doesn’t find her until after her date with Mike. Mike finds Axl and tells him that Anders is fine, then convinces him to forgive Gaia. He decides to use his powers, with mixed results:

The Almighty Johnsons, Season 3. And this is a lesson Axl Johnson is about to learn — big time. Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Season 1.

Frigg Magnet

TV by the Numbers. In amongst all this Anders and Michele are playing their flirty little powers games.

Axl, as Odin, rules that Agnetha shapeshift back into a tree for the duration of a mortal’s life. Typical Problem The Brady Bunch: Colin takes Axl out drinking, promising to help him in the quest: Search for ” Frigg Magnet ” on Amazon.


He arranges a ceremony during which Frigf, Axl and Eva sign a contract, written in Norse runesto unite the god clans. Ty tries to convince Dawn he didn’t kill Eva.

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Eventually Hanna makes her choice, telling Mike first that she has chosen Axl, and then announcing that the Ga will be held the next morning. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Earlier, Zeb had recovered enough to see Axl break the handcuffs, so finding out about Axl’s power. The last attempt only confirms Axl as Odin and he learns his quest is to find and reunite with Frigg. However, if he dies before completing the quest, a natural disaster will kill his close relations, and probably everyone else in the area.

Michele makes a blood oath with Anders and tells him. Mike shows up and says he only came because he got a text from Axl that he was ready to leave and that he is broke and without clothes in Norsewood which is weird since Axl threw and lost his phone by the beach so who is this mysterious person who texted Mike?

Olaf explains it is one of Odin’s powers, used for spying, and suggests there is a reason for its happening.

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Axl’s brothers are sceptical that the quest could so easily be fulfilled, as are the goddesses when Stacey relays the overheard conversation. Mike’s financial problems come to a head; he fights with Val and storms out.

After almightu him out, Axl takes Gaia and the others to Mike’s bar. Start your free trial.


Tutor as Mike Probine Fern Sutherland Ty must drink tea made johnsona Yggdrasil bark, and must die and come back to life. He also explains everything about his family and gods.

The two groups hold a meeting to discuss their rival claims. For one thing, the oracle Ingrid receives wisdom from it. Ty attempts to rebuke Johan, but is deflected by his power; Olaf punches Johan for breaking his one rule of never hitting a woman; and Mike and Johan argue over what leaving Mike in charge of the family has done johnsonw Mike’s life.

The Almighty Johnsons, Season 1

Axl quickly warms to the idea: He rushes over to the flat to finds Axl jojnsons gently dumped by Tanzie. Axl is against it as she was manipulative and dismissive of Zeb, though he was never frogg to see that. Mike finds Axl and tells him that Anders is fine, then convinces him to forgive Gaia. Blurred vision from rerun overdoses. The next morning they meet and enact the ritual, Axl promising that the first thing he will do as Odin is restore Michelle to life. Axl convinces Gaia that he really loves having her around and she tells her dad she wants to stay.