Adrian Holmes Demo Guy. When the cellar door flings itself open they of course go down to investigate. This is Joss Whedon after all. The Cabin in the Woods. This is a very clever script, with laughs, gore and surprises at every corner. Maria Go Japanese School Girl. If you don’t like it, you’re one of the people that took a turn in act two and stopped following along. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

I am sure you’ll like it. Art Martin Whist Production Design. Phillip Mitchell Lead Guard. Naomi Dane Japanese Floaty Girl. To be honest, the less you know about this film, the more awesome it will be. Emili Kawashima Japanese Frog Girl.

Fran Kranz Marty Mikalski. The Cabin in the Woods Winks. Todd Shifflett Visual Effects Supervisor. A cult classic and the best movie i’ve seen of ! Are there cameras that filming people’s reactions and laughing at them or what?

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Are you the publisher? Don’t be expecting any scary scenes or anything suspenseful, because this is the wrong movie for you. More Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. People loved it – and not because it was the most horrifying and controversial scary flick ever released. Not having read any of the reviews going around prior to watching it I must say it is one of the worst films I have seen in a long time.

It was predictable from the start why did that eagle have to hit the invisible boundary to the cabin? When the cellar door flings itself open, they of course go down to investigate. Peter Kelamis Demo Guy. Gardner Camera Operator Andrew D. The credits roll, you walk out of the theater saying to yourself, “Did that just happen?


Davis Supervising Sound Editor. Naomi Dane Japanese Floaty Girl. Jesse Williams Holden McCrea. I was laughing all the way through it. The only thing I do like is perhaps the idea of an cabon to all horror films and horror characters, but if it is a parody than that wouldn’t make sense.

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Costime and make up Patrick Gray Costume Supervisor. Advanced Simple L5 Resolution I’m trying not to reveal anything too big, and I think everyone else will tell you the same; you want to know as little as possible about it before you watch. Ellie Harvie Military Liaison. Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for.

Both Whedon and Goddard worked on Buffy and Angel, which was a balancing act of genres, so they knew the right tone to get here and they nailed it.

Subtitles The Cabin in the Woods

Jodelle Ferland Patience Buckner. I get the fact that it is a parody or an anti-horror film or perhaps even a nod whether positive or negative to horror films generally, but I still don’t like it. Nicole Chorney Set Decoration Buyer.

They find an odd assortment of relics and curios but when one of the women, Dana, reads from a book she awakens a family of deadly zombie killers. In most horror flicks I can’t stand any of the characters, here I was rooting for all of them.

Lori Stewart Floating Witch. Terry Notary The Clown uncredited. Rukiya Bernard Labcoat Girl. Lisa Tutunjian Digital Intermediate.


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This is also the engglish where people give up and decide they hate it because it’s different. Jodi Tabuchi Japanese School Girl. Too bad I can’t rate it less than 1. Maya Massar Mother Buckner. Remember when Scream came out?

When you have Goddard, whose worked on Buffy, Angel, Lost and wrote Cloverfield, teamed up with partner Joss Whedon who is one of the best writers working today, then you know you’re walking into something special. Cqbin Camera Operator A. Chelah Horsdal Demo Girl. De ankommer til at finde de helt isoleret uden mulighed for at kommunikere med omverdenen. I hated myself that I didn’t leave the theater after the first 15 minutes.

Mary Anne Waterhouse Production Manager. The acting pseudk poor and even though the film may be satirical it is still painful to watch. The Cabin in the Woods.

Kristen Connolly Dana Polk. Richard Englisb Visual Effects Supervisor. The acting was great, well written, well directed and excellent comedy one-liners and with the best twist i’ve ever seen!

From fan favorites Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard comes “The Cabin in the Woods” a mind-blowing horror film that turns the genre inside out. This is where we say to ourselves that because this is a horror movie, everyone will die, and thus we already know the ending.