Everyone’s doing their share, don’t you think? English, not to train them to speak w no accent. I agree the drama is way too slow. His protection is one that will leave u feeling battered if not physically, emotionally. If she can at least graduate from a high school that opens doors, she has hopes of not having to wash dishes and deliver chicken the rest of her life. Oh wait, yes it is.

Ladytron October 25, at 7: Ppl have a problem w CES not throwing herself in the fight to save “4Eyes”. Rachel could be that soft place, however he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t like her, and he doesn’t want to give her false hopes about them. He surprises her with the advice to just keep it under wraps for as long as possible and just graduate quietly, and adds that the bullying victim Joon-young is transferring today. Hi PlumWine, Thank you for the compliment. Either of which contributes to her insecurity. The only time we ever saw Heung-so get intimidating was when he was standing up to the class bully, the gangster, and the one time he punched Heung-soo.

I knew it would be difficult to manage this one, as I hated BOF, and can’t heis the bitchy rich characters and psycho student characters, but this is even worse than imagined.

I would fee more sympathy for her if she treated people better: If she can grow alongside Tan, that’d be even better hehe. Her mom has a disability, her episoode died, and you can see how cruel people can be to her mom. It was funny, sexy, sometimes over the top with the relationship switcheroos, but it never forgot that it was built on the premise of rich teenagers and their “problems” It was supposed to be somewhat ridiculous.

Let the character become cutthroat and conniving.

I also think that if she gives up Jeguk, then she really doesn’t have a chance, But honestly, Tye think on a subconscious level, Eun Sang actually doesn’t deem herself unworthy. Rachelle October 26, at 6: I was so looking forward to see him in this drama but… all i’ve seen is sulking, sulking, more sulking and occasional awkward speaking.


But I’ll adopt y’alls optimism and hope–and believe– the next episode has more interest than pretty faces and gentle words that cost nothing.


Drama Korea The Heirs Subtitle Indonesia Complete DRAKORINDO – OPA7COM

Apparently, she doesn’t watch historical dramas and, even though she’s a native speaker of Korean, doesn’t feel it’s important to learn words not currently in fhe. But the main characters… No hope. He asked her in this ep.

NathanJ October 25, at 2: Now, if the writer wants Eun Sang to be ambitious then amp it up and take her there. I love the relationships between City Hunter and his Mom and of course his “fathers”!! Did you not notice that the character looked like she was going to cry from misery when he strapped that necklace to her neck.

Inhe was sick of the bully life and annoyed at being shoved back into that role because of his rep. And potentially fight a Chairman who is omnipresent.

[DOWNLOAD] The Heirs Episode 19 & 20! FINAL EPISODE! ^^

That she pushed to the episodde of the crowd, that she made a couple of aborted steps forward, that she finally did approach to offer water and such when it was all over.

Mandy November 1, at 2: Why is she the way she is? PSH, the ball is in your hands now and it is totally up to you and up one notch and be a partner-in-crime with LMH in the kissing dept.

And then there was shouting, and ordering around, and tripping, and using girls as pawns, and then I just kind of snapped. I have the same gripe about Eun Sang. Lazy writing or do you guys think they are saving that for later? I LOVE to talk, he can call me or come visit. NathanJ October 24, at 9: Lots of ppl around the world speak English. Aqee October 31, at 8: Unfortunately, I have to go for now and temporarily stop.


What was with her not wanting to talk about her origins? I think PSH’s contract also included mono-expression that put everyone off. Otherwise there are just no principled people left in this drama I listened to that neirs at least three times, when I rewatched that scene, and yes, the “k” sound is not said clearly.

Very nice, Forrest–I mean Sue–I’m totally with you. I didn’t know him very well before watching The Heirs and I noticed his onscreen charisma the fierce look, the atttitude – good facial expressions and body language quite quickly. We’ve 14 more eps. Ok, she needn’t be a trope There are no likable characters, to help carry a boring plot, awful directing and poor execution what is up with the constant blaring of Love is a Moment during emotional scenes that we can see coming from a mile away.

Her hope is to improve their oh-so-crappy life.


And that is why I said that she shoots herself in the foot, in the way she handles her relationship with KT. Young-do picks up and shows up right behind her. Suddenly it hits me that ALL this girl cares about– and I’m sorry, folks, hate on me if you will, or, better yet, prove me wrong is improving her situation, “getting a future.