Talk about perfect timing, Caine became the icon of a social movement. Every single performance is lazy. Noel efforts attempting to release the hidden fund that his father humanly set up to relieve the future sufferings of Holocausto survivors. Sometimes it seems as if the actors are just waiting off screen to step on the set. Frankenheimer once made great movies like The Manchurian Cnadidate and The French Connection 2, but here he is guilty of directing a listless hodge-podge that bears no trace of originality or flair. Retrieved from ” https:

Some schmuck, Noel Holcroft Michael Caine is doing what any good ‘ol American is doing– working and enjoying life. Later in life, Caine finally picked up the skills along the way, and dozens of movies were his RADA, so he ended up a good actor in the end. Combined with John Frankenheimer’s driving direction, plus some superior support thesping from Lilli Palmer always a woman to watch! The directing is bad. The Whistle Blower The Russians are hoping this will shatter the “special relationship” between the two countries.

You’re either money to them or you’re not.

Every single performance is lazy. The music sounds like a mellotron organ synthesizer. Michael Caine in a spy movie involving a decades-old secret Nazi organization—and he doesn’t even know how to shoot a gun! However, there was one gratifying scene. Manhattan apartment houses do not have a flight of stairs in front. It’s hard to imagine Caan in the lead role, as Caine is a more efficient and credible performer with this type of character, managing Noel’s escalating levels of fear as he’s targeted from all sides.

Erich Kessler Hugo Bower I find director John Frankenheimer to be a very capable action director, but here he’s lost in a sea of murky conspiracies involving a fourth Reich and idle performances Victoria Tennant and Anthony Andrews are unconvincing in this very lukewarm, but drearily complicated political thriller.


However, before Jason Bourne ruled the box office, there was ‘s “The Holcroft Covenant,” which doesn’t share the same raw intensity, but keeps up with the Ludlum vision as it explores secretive evil deeds, duplicitous characters, and globetrotting locations. The problem mainly was contributed to the confounded screenplay a Robert Ludlum adaptationwhich lacked probability; efficient enough thrills and consisted of one-note characters.

All of the elements for a great thriller are there.

The Holcroft Covenant Blu-ray

It’s poor when a HD Digital channel uses sub standard transfers. There’s a group effort to keep “The Holcroft Covenant” bursting with potential, and there’s rhe development involving the acquisition of a special list important to the baddies to help revive the feature as it starts to sag. After reading nothing more than bad reps, I can see why.

A Limited Event Series. For a film from the mid eighties, it has the look of something made a decade earlier. Ernst Manfredi Bernard Hepton An error has occured. Good idea indeed ,but mediocre screenplay ,which the writers almost completely ruin.

Ralph and Annabell Willart are a feuding couple who are constantly bickering over their worthless, good-for nothing son Berry-Berry. AaronCapenBanner 22 September Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Too bad it’s not as exciting and gripping, as it might sound. Althene Holcroft Mario Adorf The director gooses the movie with a substantial amount of Dutch angles, while aggressive and simple synth sbtitles from “Stanislas” works up a sweat to make every moment exciting.


Personally, I loved it, but I can understand that many people would argue that the film runs too long to sustain interest in what I will admit was a somewhat over-complicated and over populated plot.

One of the three inheritors of the Covenant and covvenant brother are evidently pro-Nazi; the mother of the Caine character seems to think the Covenant was designed for pro-Nazi purposes, yet all this is unclear, even at the very end.

The plot is bad. At times excellent, but not overwrought like most of subtitkes action movies are today.

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Watchable but nothing more He turns what could have been a farcical effort into something more than watchable, with enough twists to keep the viewer engaged with the on-screen proceedings. I have not mentioned the holdroft Not only is there stand-out location photography from Gerry Fisher — surely Britain’s number one cameraman of the s – and crisp direction, but the movie has been filmed on an admirably high budget.

Though there is a certain degree of interest in the premise and some of the action sequences are captivating, overall this covnant a sub-par film. Michael Caine always could anchor a spy flick, and The Holcroft Covenant is no exception.