Tooba rubbed his back, as a good mother would. Lacelle and her co-prosecutor, Gerard Laarhuis, called 50 witnesses over six weeks. Back to top Home U. Herself in a green and brown bikini. She had not seen her dad since fleeing the house, and he was due home in just a few days. That afternoon, June 28, Sanchez rifled off more text messages, each one professing his love. But her answer was clear.

If Shafia shed any tears at the news, they were gone by 3: His daughters died because they were defiant and beautiful and had dreams of their own. Tooba nodded in agreement. She had not seen her dad since fleeing the house, and he was due home in just a few days. He asked the jury to consider who his client is. On her phone were numerous voice mails from Rona: No one to protect them.

Would they come back to life a hundred wattch, for you to do the same again. Choquette did see Shafia and Hamed again-that Sunday, at the police station. Sahar, her younger sister, was in the rear of the sunken Nissan Sentra, dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a sleeveless top.

Scared because the police might blame him for allowing his sister to drive without a licence.

Ann-Marie Choquette was one of the Montreal constables who responded to the scene. But her answer was clear. May the devil hhouse on their graves!

Lawyer tells court Shafia family member underage when convicted in ‘honour killings’

Opened inthe Frontenac County Courthouse has undergone its share of changes over the decades. But as one of them drove the car to its final wathc place, doubt must have crept in. Out of questions, Dempster left Hamed alone in the interview room. When Geeti found out, she was inconsolable, to the point that Boualia and a vice-principal spent an entire lunch hour trying to calm her down.


Zainab years old-never returned to that school, and for the next 10 months she was essentially banished to her room.

A purported family member emailed the photo to the media. Their initial hpuse, videotaped for accuracy, were essentially the same.

The route looked nothing like a split-second wrong turn. Watc bad apple became two bad apples. Out of respect, he phoned his brother-in-law in Dubai to make sure he accepted such a visit. If you were in the car, you would come out. The exact location remains a mystery, but somewhere at that secluded lock station, the four women were held underwater, one by one, until they stopped moving.

Joshua Jackson’s new lady? Meet Bikini model Shafia West (left) | Daily Mail Online

He just wanted his daughter to feel comfortable, to assume that things were fine. Shatia the abuse she endured at home was no less disturbing, Brumbray told the jury. His wife will be Tooba nodded in agreement. Nobody wants to see his children get drowned like this and not tell anyone.

Hamed followed the girls for their own onliine, of course and accidentally rear-ended the Nissan near the locks. It was June 30,the morning before Canada Day. But before entering one of the interrogation rooms, he o Tooba on the monitor, her tear-soaked face buried in the pages of the Disney family photo album.


While Shafia and Tooba were granting tearful interviews to the media, detectives were quietly learning the truth about life inside their home.

It would have to be driven there on purpose. The Shafias, hardly religious to begin wafch, had not stepped foot in a mosque since arriving in Canada.

Recent immigrants to Canada. But in order to sell their dubious story-that Zainab, with no licence and no permission, took the car for a deadly spin-they had to tell the police that it did get there.

On May 30, exactly one month before she died, she fainted in class and had to be rushed to a hospital. He was a kid. A few minutes after he arrived at police headquarters, three people showed up at the front counter to file a missing persons report: Hamed reached for the photos again, but this time Boyles refused to hand them over.

She hokse 19 years old and had 10 cents in her pocket.

She was 16, still adjusting to life in Canada, when her mother accused her nouse kissing a boy. Shafia stood stone-faced, looking at the jury.