Staylaces Dealer Tony Haygarth Thomas Hardy’s stories often seem hopeless and Godless, but nevertheless lead to careful examination of human nature and society. I laughed and shook my head. Having at last watched the two-part DVD-version of Michael Henchard’s fate I seem to have won a new part of the world for my horizon! Yes, it is easy to recognize Lacock for me , now that I’ve been there. Since then he has struck me as a truly wonderful author, I find his characters complex and his writing highly thoughtful and atmospheric. Was this review helpful? What is the illustrated book Elizabeth Jane is reading?

I can’t remember it word by word, but it goes something like this: Perhaps the best example is when Donald Farfrae meets Lucetta Templeman for the first time. What also stuck out was the atmosphere, perfectly capturing the story’s bleakness but also managing to be genuinely authentic. Susan Henchard, the abandoned wife who returns, and Lucetta, the abandoned lover who comes to prefer Farfrae to Henchard and is thereupon exposed to merciless ridicule and persecution by disclosure of the love letters she wrote to Henchard are sympathetic but tragic figures, but the leisurely exposition of their tales robs their tragedies of their full import. At times you loathe him, in the next scene he will break your heart. In fact, this should have been a good mini-series, when it is not. But then there are the chainsaw-quality cuts to the story.

Uta-Lenkewitz 4 June After watching the film twice I seem to have found in its hero a very valuable new acquaintance.

Elizabeth Jane James Purefoy For Elizabeth-Jane’s sake, Susan and Michael decide to pretend they never married and a new marriage follows a formal courtship. He thought there was much to ameliorate. The ITV1 Christmas showing of this production in the UK was sensitive and thoughtful, with two separate 2 hour long episodes meaning the production really had time to show its colours and the story time to develop.

He delivered a performance above even what I expected. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.


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He’s not beating me the way you did,” Whittle answers, not in a matter of irony. I enjoyed it so much I set my timer jayor record it for the next 2 series.

The first episode of The Mayor of Casterbridge is full of scenes shot there. Overall, this is a fantastic adaptation and version of a fine book. Florida Female Sex Offenders. If one looks at the production as a filmed play, the lack of credible atmosphere can be forgiven.

I do not often get emotional when watching a film, but this was certainly an exception.

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I laughed and shook my head. So I was wondering whether I could try and read this other sibtitles by Hardy. He is madly in love with Elisabeth Jane and has been for a long time this has been decently made clear for us for some time already.

Although the emotional ebbs and flows are at the heart of Hardy’s novel, they do not translate easily to the screen and director David Thatcher appears to have dealt with that difficulty primarily by letting Henchard’s mercurial temper dominate and determine the ssubtitles. This was well cast and well-acted. The relationship between the two men becomes harsher and harsher until Henchard asks Elizabeth-Jane to stop seeing Farfrae.

Thomas Hardy’s study of human nature and all its failings are amply explored in this story of Michael Henchard who sees life subtiyles the top and from the bottom and finally ends up as a broken man despising himself completely. Suddenly Henchard wants to destroy Farfrae, and the character change doesn’t seem reasonable.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: This film involves a complex plot only Hardy could provide. They hardly speak or do anything other than a two minutes chit chat, and all of a sudden they have thoughts for nothing but each other, ending the scene practically married. Har-Har Fenrir-5 23 August Stellar acting make this film work, even if it does seem rushed at times, and the story sometimes seems crammed in its time frame. You won’t be disappointed.


Luckily his four main partners stand up bravely against this standard. Staylaces Dealer Tony Haygarth Farfrae and Elizabeth-Jane start spending time together.

The wonderful picturesque town of thw and the carefully chosen landscape give adequate room to unfold the figures. Living in the very area where the film castegbridge made and written, I certainly connected with the story and its surroundings. Solomon Longways David Bradley It was on my itinerary for my trip two years ago, but fell off because of lack of time.

Thomas Hardy is an indisputable literary genius. Jo M Actually, barns have inspired very romantic or sexy or even incandescent scenes in several different epochs. Ciarin Hinds, as usual, turns in another great performance and is a pleasure to watch.

I’ve been wondering whether to introduce Hardy to my 10 year old through film, at this stage. As a two-episode TV drama, the Mayor of Casterbridge myor on screen for over three hours.

So I guess the kind of language Hardy uses is more of less the same as in Tess, isn’t it? Written by Raya Jacob. Do You Know Them! Within five seconds he has forgotten all about Elisabeth Jane and is completely mesmerized by Lucetta Templeman – and this is portrayed in a way that is simply not believable. Was this review helpful to you? Credits also for the set pieces etc and direction and pace.

About to make his reformation complete by wedding attractive young Lucetta Polly WalkerHenchard is casterbrisge to discover that his wife and now-grown daughter played as an adult by Jodhi Mayhave returned home.