That is such a ridiculous, lazy plot even without the jockeys being elves. Yeah, we like to bring our families along on the longer races. Irritated by his antics, Maude goes to buy some hot dogs. Well, I just can’t relate to the women of today, Homer. My Simpsons Season Rankings: But what if I have to do my business?

And that is why I defend Scully in a way, because to me his episodes were like that because that i exactly how he wanted them, they still changed the show forever but I enjoyed them because that is how they were meant to be, whereas now I can’t feel the same way, as I think Jean is trying to be funny but it is not working, also he tries to make the episode where they show real feelings bit it doesn’t work, the plots are just too rushed and forced for that to work. Voice actress Marcia Mitzman Gaven was hired to fill in for Roswell’s characters, [13] including Maude in this episode and the earlier episodes of the eleventh season, [14] although the producers decided to kill her off to open up new storylines for the show. The humble beginnings — Seasons Why do jerks think everyone wants to see their stupid name? I just bought that However, a toy company led by Jim Hope takes over the school; in school, the children are only taught to provide marketing schemes and suggestions. I’m not going to church today.

Marge, we’re trying to help Ned. Why are you taping Flanders, Dad? So what i think seperates You Only Move Twice from a lot of Scully-episodes is that its actually a hilarious and witty episode sompsons point i forgot too olnine is that a lot of it is supposed too be a James Bond parody so that redeems it aswell Thrust me im not biased just because its a classic-era episode i just dont find the majority of Scullys episodes hilarious like You Only Move Twice is.


The Scully-era was a dark-era for Simpsons indeed espically since it started the decline of the show. Animation directors included Bob AndersonMike B.

Maude returns from the concession stand at that exact moment and is hit by the T-shirts and sent screaming over the edge of the bleachers, hitting the concrete parking lot below. By using this site, you agree oline the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Homer is soon invited by the losing jockeys to have a beer in their lounge, which turns out to be a secret lair. He is attracted to the singer, Rachel Jordanwho sings about thf losing faith in God because he is always there for people.

VIDEO dating service office – day. Some dropouts must have overpowered the Reverend! We’re up here, out of range of the wtch and the drivers’ cussing. The sheer amount of hatred for it befuddles me.

Please support our site by visiting this ad. You don’t have to Use this plastic bag. Yeah, the problem with the jockey elves is that they were a part of the episode’s plot and I have the same problem with Monty Can’t Simpsona Me Lovewere completely unnecessary, and not funny. Look, Ned, I know we ain’t hung out much, what agaain your insane fear of drinking and me being banned from the church and all, but ah DVD Movie Guide’s Colin Jacobson commented on the episode in a negative way, writing that it was “a harsh and cynical move [to kill off Maude because of Roswell’s departure], though I could forgive the decision if it produced a more satisfying episode.


Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

Treehouse of Horror list. Lord, I never question you Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Since when do you like anything cool? Homer bullseye on his stomach using a bottle of ketchup, and the cheerleaders send a full salvo of T-shirts in Homer’s direction, but he bends down at the last second to pick up a bobby pin on the ground.

I like to be pampered. To watch full episodes, you must sign in Sign In.

However, they lose to the Ogdenville Elementary band, which performs John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever” and uses red, white, and blue glowsticks to form a flag. In many ways, Maude Flanders was a supporting player in our lives. Bart believes he has the power to heal others through faith after removing a bucket glued to Homer’s head.

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I also read on Wikipedia they had planned a scene with Rodd and Todd talking about how they felt about what happened to Maude, but that they dropped it because they couldn’t managed to have the scene on without it being sad. Bachman—Turner Overdrive and Jim Cummings.

Sounds like somebody wuvs us. At the end of the episode, however, she returns and has a date with him. Those feelings are normal, Ned. At the fair, Homer and Bart see a horse named Duncan that can dive into pools.