Ron February 3, at Who knows, kids maybe. He should break the dean’s legs ’cause you’re too lazy to read a fuckin’ book. I’m just kidding , it never rains. But we’re kinda with ralphie now. Carmela is having a particularly hard time, especially after a psychiatrist tells her she is living a lie. Shut the fuck up! Kimble August 13, at 8:

Just give it to him, sunshine. When she stares at you it’s like like a spanish princess in one of those paintings, a goyim. Also open to interpretation is the way that some of the music is used. What do you mean “they”? When they see this motherfucker, nobody’l l have to say a word. You sure talk the talk ,”miss art history”. You are commenting using your WordPress. Amour Fou This adventurous thriller chapter is intense and hackled to shatter expectations and its the virtue of it that sweetens and glorifies the entire subjective procedure with Gandolfini on charge and taking fragile matters on his bold hands.

Does gloria know what you do for a living? Alright, look she’s a poor, confused kid from an underdeveloped country, even if she did do this i’ll make a couple of calls, i’ll have two brand new michelins here in an hour. That is so false. I had to bring it in to get it sized, it’s a little big. Well, i don’t know, you tell me. Notify me of new posts via email. How’s your calimar’ salad? Melfi about his passionate love-hate relationship with Gloria, she uses the term “amour fou” crazy love.


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But motor-mouth dealer Sunshine annoys one of boys with his incessant commentary, and ends up taking a couple of bullets to the chest. C’mon, let’s go eat. It does harken back to Livia, though.

Previous Episode Next Episode. RTF April 1, at 7: That’s not all there is. By never telling Ralph outright that the boy must be whacked, Tony also—technically—does not break his promise to Jackie Sr. We’re doing alright, why, you got something? The Goya reference also made me think of one of his etchings entitled Nada Nothing.

But Tony refuses, perhaps because he is considering giving Jackie a pass, or perhaps because of his promise to Jackie Sr. If i have a flat. And now i thin k i’m sick and if i die, i will never be with god in eternity.

Just try and relax, let the sedative do its job. Orangeannie March 2, at 3: That’s just me, though. He should break the dean’s legs ’cause you’re too lazy to read a fuckin’ book.

Amour Fou (3.12)

It would have had to come from Ralph. Fuck him and his “rinse your dishes” bullshit. Jennifer Melfi Edie Falco He still wants to be a hood and takes inspiration from Ralph Cifaretto seasln tells him that his father, Jackie Sr.

Interested to hear your take.

What could feech do? I know you got bigger concerns, you’re the boss. Oh, well, maybe i’ll just call a cab.


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You sure i t was jackie jr. She has some alarming symptoms and fears ovarian cancer. At home, he tries to comfort Rosalie, who is distraught.

That should be enough for you. Carmela feels that she too has married a baby.

You haven’t said two words, carmela. Ron July 17, at I love my husband and i love god.

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Ron January 7, at 4: The only thing you’re gonn a get around here is practice. Gloria hoped Tony would provide a dramatic end to her life, but he is not willing to oblige.

This is rosalie’s kid. And now to maybe bring another child into this? We understan d each other? Junior Soprano credit only Steven Van Zandt Sam January 10, at 1: At least your daughter doesn’t have to latch on to a man for success. That’s the oldes t joke in the book. Tony ironically invokes Ralph’s long-coveted captain status in assigning him the responsibility of dealing with the difficult situation when it’s clear Jackie has to go, but Ralph is dating the boy’s mother.