She realizes now that John Curtis is her only connection with her husband. Then the piano begins to play by itself, the wind blows inside the house, and a chair floats in the air. Work took my father away from home more often and for longer periods of time. He suddenly recounts the day he tried to save paintings in the Louvre in Paris while airplanes dropped bombs all around. Ben sheepishly explains to Grandma after overhearing them that he was only joking. Don’t try to kid me Jim Bob I know better than that. Little did we know then, how much that store and its occupants meant to us until one terrifying day in “. Ben Walton David W.

He suggests the same strategy for Mike. Boone returns the compliment saying she must be a fine dancer. Later Elizabeth tells her mother that she is trying to make divorce look terrible to Yancy and Sissy so they will want to get back together. A nurse suggests she take amphetamines to help stay awake, but Mary Ellen doesn’t like the idea. Olivia suddenly realizes they would have to relocate to Richmond. Olivia suddenly realizes what this war will mean to her, that her sons will eventually go to war. We knew that she had found her strength again, and with it had come a bright re-discovery of freedom”.

Jim Bob quit tossing and turning will ya? Miss Emily faints on the spot.

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Private Wallace approaches her and envelops her in a kiss. Suddenly the telephone rings but no one is there. Boone Walton was killed by a truck while crossing the highway one dark night. Sergeant Gates tells him that he is still too young, but to return on his next birthday. Later John is told a tale that Mr. Oh come on, who ate it?

In the morning John returns to find them asleep in the living room. She decides to look for a loophole. Elizabeth decides to have a party for her thirteenth birthday. Ben attempts to convince Jim Bob to join him on a sinful night on the town. The trip turns out fine except that Elizabeth stops the car after driving through the fence, inside the vegetable garden.


John and Olivia are the last to find out the terrible news. They were, he said, love and loyalty.

Did he get jobs for his friends from the ward? David Spencer enters the hallway Joanne becomes hysterical upon seeing his facial expression. The children make a ruckus trying to catch them so John reminds them they need to work together while their mother is gone.

Jason auditions for a radio station that is looking for someone trustworthy to appeal to all ages. Waltonw Sunday dinner Cindy, a beautiful girl with long, blonde hair and a bright red convertible, picks up Ben for their date. John tells Jim Bob to immediately fix them. But as it is with any lost love, a healing of the heart takes place and life becomes a thing of wonder again”.

The Changeling

John arrives home with the mail and hands Grandma an especially interesting letter postmarked from Richmond. Easter finally admits that all of her years in New York City were not what she wrote about in her letters.

As World War Two edged closer to us all, the patterns of change chagneling, carrying some of us far from home, bringing others back to the mountain with painful consequences”.

Corabeth is obviously inebriated while driving home, causing her to fall asleep and run off the road. When Ben informs his father about joining, John asks what will happen when the war ends. Ike then informs Ben that one of his pictures is featured on the front page of the paper. John has all sorts of things to tell her but is too tired to remember what they are.

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He always brought with him a warm affection for all chanteling us, but especially for my grandmother, and they remained friends for the rest of their lives”. She breaks into the cabinet upon finding the sedatives locked inside. Jason admits having nightmares about the times in the National Guard where he had to thrust a steel blade into a dummy during bayonet drills.


He helps to calm her fears about entering puberty. Mary Ellen becomes angry when she sees her siblings playing football with John Curtis as the football. I didn’t know you had a shortwave radio Erin. When Corabeth asks about her husband, Elizabeth says she has never been married. What you say about my car?

Goodnight Mary Ellen, goodnight John Curtis. The boys talk about the wars that Grandpa, their father, and Uncle Ben fought in. Woodruff on the bottom. He was always there to comfort us, help us make decisions, and to give us the benefit of his continuing love”.

He can now finish the job after help from his brother and grandparents. The family listens but wonders where Jim Bob has gone. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? When Miss Mamie and Miss Emily begin talking to themselves about their new responsibilities, Corabeth becomes incensed at their incorrect assumption.

But the coming of World War Two was to bring many strangers who were actually looking for the mountain, and while we didn’t exactly have a traffic problem, we did have traffic.

They try to convince Yancy that he is better off a bachelor. She insists that Mike help with washing the dishes. Later in the shed Jason sneaks Boone a jug that Grandpa had hid for special people, saying it was a gift from friends.