Had the film been more consistent in its writing, I doubt this problem would’ve even been so noticeable. Archived from the original on March 27, Use the HTML below. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: But, in this case, that’s not really a terrible thing since their interaction is the best thing about the movie. Why are the aliens on Earth? Did you laugh during The Watch?

The film’s marketing campaign was affected by the shooting of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood-watch member. In that last answer, could you have just written, “Stiller, Vaughn and Hill play versions of characters they always seem to play”? They discover a strange metallic orb that acts as a highly destructive weapon and deduce that it is of alien origin. Too often it feels like the cast is having more fun than the audience. I’m fairly certain that last one doesn’t make sense. Evan and Jamarcus investigate the odd neighbor alone, discovering that he hosts orgies in his basement. He also criticized the frequent Costco promotion.

When we laugh during the film, are we laughing because the scenarios are funny or because these are actors we’ve all seen in watdh movies? Filming began in October in the state of Georgiaconcluding in January Archived from the original on June 17, Retrieved October 5, I still enjoyed this movie somewhat, just clearly not as much as Eric seemed to.

The film was written by Jamarchs Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Jared Stern, and seeing as both Rogen and Goldberg were the ones responsible for making Superbad’s script so quick, witty, and hilarious, it is surprising to see The Watch flounder in the writing department.

Again, I repeat, this movie just has unfortunate timing in every way. Wikiquote has watxh related to: He warns the group that the aliens are building a transmitter beneath the Costco store which will summon their armada to destroy the earth; he is expelled from the watch for his deception.


‘The Watch’: Is ‘The Watch’ The Most Unfortunately Timed Movie Of The Year? | HuffPost

However, by August Dobkin and Ferrell had left the project. Social Media Facebook Forum.

Levy described his original vision as a “PG kind of Ghostbusters -y thing. On July 25, Harkins Theatres the sixth-largest North American cinema chain announced it would not be showing the film after failing to reach a financial agreement with Fox.

Search for ” The Watch ” on Amazon. Retrieved September 11, Official Facebook Official site shopting.

When having a shootout with the aliens they discover that shooting them in the dick is the easiest way to kill them. Hardly any questions about the aliens get answered. Jamarcus is British who dreams of saving a Korean girl who shows her gratitude by sucking on his balls. How did stopping the aliens on Earth stop the aliens in orbit?

‘The Watch’: Is ‘The Watch’ The Most Unfortunately Timed Movie Of The Year?

Franklin Jonah Hill also has two Remington shotguns among his gun collection, one with a walnut stock and one with black synthetic furniture.

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Bob Vince Vaughna construction worker with a rebellious daughter, Franklin Jonah Hilla high school dropout who wanted to be a cop but failed the psych tests, and Jamarcus Richard Ayoadea recent divorcee. This weekend, a mildly funny movie with unfortunate timing starring Sohoting Stiller Permanent Midnight will be released into theaters. They discover a strange metallic orb that acts as a highly destructive weapon and deduce that it is of alien origin.

What leaves The Watch with a pungent aftertaste is the writing, which to begin with, is not very funny, but is brought to the “decent” category because we see funny actors performing what is on the paper. Due to similar circumstances, how many days away are we from Gangster Squad being renamed The Squad. Evan and Franklin attempt to disable the transmitter, but are surrounded by aliens.


The New York Times Company. When the Costco night watchman, Antonio Guzman, is mysteriously murdered, Evan organizes The Neighborhood Watch, a watch team with his suburban neighbors Bob, Franklin and Jamarcus to protect the neighborhood and find the killer of Antonio.

The Watch is one of those comedies that seems to rely too heavily on its cast’s abilities and believes it can phone-in other key parts of filmmaking such as writing, tone, direction, and wit.

Rocchi, however, commented that the film was forgettable and “disposable”. Ebert commented that the comic timing of the lead actors benefits the dialog, but frequent instances of “crude, vulgar and offensive” comedy became unwelcome and unamusing. It concerns Evan Trautwig Stillera Costco manager and a loyal community activist, who has been starting clubs left and right for his humble Glenview, Ohio neighborhood. Archived from the original on February 19, Bob encounters Jason who reveals that he is also an alien, and they brawl.

Retrieved April 29, This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Then they quite literally crash into the aliens’ plot.

A character seems to switch allegiances without any real explanation. Archived from the original on July 28,