Nevertheless, Theon initially remains loyal to Robb after he goes to war with the Lannisters and supports his decision to have the North secede from the Seven Kingdoms and form their own kingdom. Why is Theresa May helping them? At some point, Theon manages to escape with his former bedwarmer, Kyra, though this turns out to be a trick of Ramsay’s and the two are soon recaptured. Alannys Harlaw [d] [c]. It also makes it beyond inhuman. I finally managed to get around to reading A Dance with Dragons , the fifth book in the Game of Thrones series. During the meeting, Theon is confronted by Euron, who threatens to execute Yara if Theon does not bend the knee to him.

Jon reassures Theon that Sansa is safe, but furiously tells him that since he helped save Sansa, he will not kill him. Outraged, Yara responds that she intends to save her brother on her own accord. House Greyjoy House Stark foster family. Winterfell’s garrison soon repels the ironborn at Torrhen’s Square and besieges Winterfell. Iron Throne White Walker. I finally managed to get around to reading A Dance with Dragons , the fifth book in the Game of Thrones series.

Theon and Yara then join Daenerys as gryjoy sets sail for Westeros. He also captures girls, releases them naked into the woods, and hunts them.

Retrieved February 1, It was the sort of pain that drove men mad, and it ttheon not be endured for long. How about you thron, watch the show, and find out in due time? The Reek Shall Inherit the Worst”. After sending some of his men to besiege Torrhen’s Square and lure Winterfell’s garrison away from the castle, Theon and his party invade and capture Winterfell. He loves torturing people.

Torture is effective in its ultimate goal; which is not intelligence gathering but, rather, to destroy the individual and to reconstitute them into the image the torturer desires.

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“You are not You anymore”: On the Torture of Theon Greyjoy | Ceasefire Magazine

King of the Isles and the North”. I’ll give an explanation of grdyjoy motivation without giving away too much quoting myself here. Roose Bolton’s bastard, Ramsay. Moat Cailin is surrounded and blockaded, but still held by the Greyjoys. Theon lures the Stark garrison away from Winterfell and easily captures the castle, but is forced to execute his old mentor Ser Rodrik Cassel when he refuses to yield.


Manishearth Manishearth 3, 1 19 grreyjoy Theon is subsequently brutally tortured, flayed and castrated by Ramsay, who forces him to rename himself Reek, and beats him until he submits torhured his new name. Daenerys agrees, on the condition that the Ironborn cease their practices of pillaging. It’s worth noting that this happens much the same way in the books; we don’t fully know what’s happening until somewhat later, so it should be considered as part of the plot and not something that you’re supposed to know right now.

And now, by reading the answers below, you’ve spoiled yourself of a surprise. However be warned – he has been legitimised now and prefers Ramsay Bolton.

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All this aside, there is a reason why he is doing this to Theon. As an adult, Theon was arrogant, cocky, and proud until being imprisoned by Ramsay Snowwho is the eldest and bastard son of Roose Bolton. Theon Greyjoy remains a prisoner, locked in the cages of the dogs under Ramsay’s watch.

Inhis book, Rules of the Game: I don’t know his name in english but in french it is “Schlingue”, which could be translated by “Stinky” or “Smelly”, does it help you remember his name? Correctly surmising that Euron will have them put to death, Theon, Yara, and their loyalists flee the Iron Islands with the best ships of the Iron Fleet. Theon is introduced as the hostage and ward of Lord Eddard Stark, stemming from the failed Greyjoy Rebellion.

Psychologically broken, he is forced to assume thon identity of Reek. The Bolton’s sigil is the ‘Flayed Man’ because they are proud to be known for torturing their enemies. They travel to Meereen, which Daenerys has taken as her seat, and offer her the Iron Fleet hteon exchange for the Iron Islands’ independence and the removal of Euron as king.


May 13 ’13 at A scream caught in his throat. House Greyjoy House Stark foster family.

On 28 different occasions, he uses rhyming words in order to remind himself of who he must be, so he does not forget and thus get punished. When Roose Bolton begins to lead his forces back to the North, Ramsay who has since been legitmised totured a Bolton has Theon convince the Ironborn garrison holding Moat Cailin to surrender, but flays them regardless.

Theon Greyjoy

Reek had been whipped and racked and cut, but there was no pain half so excruciating as the pain that followed flaying. Marking 70 Years of Palestinian dispossession, and resistance Saturday, May 12, Torturex is triggered after watching the carnage and jumps overboard, being rescued some time later by survivors of the battle unimpressed by his cowardice.

Theon watches as Ramsay has the keep raided, and all the men were killed.

After not being greyjyo third-person narrator in the first novel, Theon is the narrator for a total of thirteen chapters in the second and fifth novels, A Clash of Kings and A Dance with Dragons.

Theon is kept prisoner by Stannis, who notes that he may have useful information about the Boltons but means to execute him for the supposed seasonn of Bran and Rickon. Although the detention and torture starts in the previous books, it is in A Dance with Dragons that it takes on a completely new meaning and effect.

It also makes it beyond inhuman. I’ll give an explanation of his motivation without giving away too much quoting myself here He’s basically a psychopath.