For the production, he also organized the Skyhook rescue equipment, and a sizable amount of underwater diving gear, valued at 92, dollars. Coincidentally, when Saltzman invited him to direct Dr. While filming in Paris, Sean Connery took the opportunity to attend his first premier of Goldfinger She is well-tanned in the film, but before shooting, she was pale white, due to years of stage work in England. The instrumental version can be heard at various parts of the movie especially when Bond enters the Kiss Kiss Club. In at least two shots in the scene where Number One accuses his underlings of embezzlement, the unnatural eye movements and blinking motions of the actors reveal that the film is actually being run backwards. Retrieved 2 July The underwater bomb sled used in the film where the atomic bombs are deployed later ended up in the possession of screenwriter Kevin McClory after the real-life prop was used on promotional tours after the film’s release.

Retrieved 6 June Thunderball by Ian Fleming. The climactic underwater battle was shot at Clifton Pier and was choreographed by Hollywood expert Ricou Browning , who had worked on Creature From the Black Lagoon in and other films. However the producers, who noticed the take as they checked the dailies, enjoyed the shot so much that they demanded it remain in the film. Although it was expected that it would not be able to fly beyond , it was announced in January that wing modification investigations on Vulcan XH have been started by Cranfield Aerospace with the aim of keeping it airborne for several years to come. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Largo kills him inside the plane, because Palazzi wanted too much money.

Rare Photographs Show Vulcan Bomber Mock-up from Bond Film Thunderball

The opening sequence, in earlier versions of the script, was set in Hong Kong at a fan-tan parlor strip joint. This page was last modified on 14 Januaryat The scene would have ended in the same way as the film, with Bond jumping free of the shark pool – although the line he was to have said was: Designed by Jordan Klein, green dye was meant to be used by Bond as a smoke screen to escape pursuers.


You can find a list of those cookies here: In fact, it has steadily grown with virtually no problems throughout the years. For the production, he also organized bulcan Skyhook rescue equipment, and a sizable amount of underwater diving gear, valued at 92, dollars.

The Lincoln Continental limousine seen during the pre-credits teaser iflm a Lehmann-Peterson conversion. The Royal Air Thunrerball makes a test run with their Vulcans, armed with nuclear missiles. As a nod to this trend in popular entertainment, during the meeting of the 00 agents in M’s office, the plan was originally to have the stars of other spy-related entertainment appear as their popular characters– Robert Vaughn and David McCallum from The Man from U.

At the end of the movie, this unmarked B appears and drops the rescue-system “when arrows meet”. It was the only one produced for the movie and the only Breitling watch ever used in a James Bond film.

According to editor Peter R.

Originally, Bond and Pinder were to have descended on ‘Palmyra’ for the night sortie. This page has been identified as unfinished and with no recent activity.

Archived from the original on 20 November A special 25th anniversary screening of the film was held at the National Film Theatre in London inand was attended by Terence Young and Molly Petersamongst other people associated with the production and EON’s James Bond movies.

The original title song was entitled “Mr. These rare photographscourtesy of Ship of Dreamsshow the Vulcan mock-up being constructed on a wharf in the Bahamas. Up until this film, Simmons had appeared as James Bond in the gun-barrel sequence in the first three movies in the franchise.

When Bond and Domino are rescued by winch at the end of the movie, it was actually by a then-real sea rescue method known as sky-hooking.

The Avro Vulcan bomber from Thunderball

Blofeld is one of the main characters in the video game Legends Legendsfeatured in the mission based on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service See On Her Majesty’s Secret Servicein which the character was an amalgamation of the three actors who had appeared in the official film series, they being Telly SavalasCharles Grayand Donald Pleasence. Binder gained access to the tank at Pinewood which he used to film the silhouetted title girls who appeared naked in the opening sequence, which was the first time actual nudity although concealed had ever been seen in a Bond film.


While they formed the backbone of the strategic Bomber Command Main Force, it could also be armed with conventional weapons and, later, tactical nuclear weapons The Vulcan could start all four Olympus turbojets simultaneously and required little ground support and with a crew on alert it could be airborne within 15 minutes.

If you look at the conference room there are 9 ‘oo’ chairs. This was the most popular Bond movie, with paying audiences racking up million ticket sales.

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The Wikipedia website states: He was responsible for the staging of the cave sequence and the battle scenes beneath the Disco Volante and thuneerball in his specialist team of divers who posed as those engaged in the onslaught.

The smell was horrendous.

The after-party was held at the Royal Garden Hotel, and proceeds from the night went vulczn benefit the Newspaper Press Fund. A Right to Live Maurice Binder was hired to design the title sequence, and was involved in a dispute with Eon Production to have his name credited in the film.

XH – Thunderball Vulcan – Cold War –

The only Bond film where we get a glimpse of all 00 agents in one shot. It was a major success at the box office with record-breaking earnings. NoYoung expressed interest in directing adaptations of Dr. Retrieved 18 March Largo doesn’t wear an eyepatch in the book. Lippe tries to murder Bond with a spinal traction machine, but Bond is saved by his physiotherapist, Patricia Fearing.