Asked questions, and they hit me with AnimeSuki … and then AnimeYume. Ive wasted hours and hours.. Though sometimes it does get heated a little, things get resolved over and quickly. Haha, a true devotee of the Bxt! Tatsujin Posted on Oh my god … that brings back memories!

KgNE had this sort of realism in it, it does have heavy drama scene, some romance and what not. Either way, I do upload stuff for them on Chiyas server. I have too many to list in all honesty. Put this in spoiler or people will kill me. Ill start off with Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. BoxTorrents site is one of those rare Anime gems that anyone would die to be in. Oh, and I used to host stuff for them on my old webserver. I dropped the section headings by 1 level each on the talk page, they’d be bumped back up 1 each on the acutal page.


Can you tell us when and how you came to discover boxtorrents? Ill try to remember a few … one second. Tatsujin Posted on Views Read View source View history.

It brings balabt memories. On [BOX] Ive done extensive research to build the damn page. Possibly before the list by companies begins have a link to a page that just has all the titles together in alphabetical order. Every 3 to 6 months I actually re-watch the whole series again.

I do not see the original Evangelion TV series listed here but we have no batch of it up so I assume it is also blacklisted? They suck to be honest.



Otakixus is my personal website, I update it whenever I feel like it. BoxTorrents is famous as hell among anime fans! Leave it organized by company then alpha per company.

But well, they didnt like me my host so they deleted everything.

Site Suspended – This site has stepped out for a bit

It seems to be a waste to me on a list of what you can and cannot upload it seems pointless to have a “almost not allowed, or used to not be allowed to upload list”.

I have too many to list in all honesty. I used to do TypeSetting and do all these beautiful colors and what not and I did a little timing and editing and I love editing, Im good with English. Its good, it looks good. BoxTorrents Fansub Community and Otakixus.

And for the record, BoxTorrents member are awesome. Asked questions, and they hit me with AnimeSuki … and then AnimeYume. I like modern anime much more.

Most of the features were not as good, half-assed if you want me to put it in better terms. Another favorite Ive just recently watched is Toradora!

At that time back then, I was devastated to join any fansub group and learn something about fansubbing.

But back to Winamp, I went on this streaming Desync anime which had Scrapped Princess and some other junk and I can tell you that I watched Scrapped Princess couple of times start to finish and I even took 2 days off of work to watch the whole thing! Its unique, and has efe limits.


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Though sometimes gime does get heated a little, things get ba,abt over and quickly. Adding the otherwise involved lists after confirming it isn’t allowedand just putting them in with the main list will make the DNU list easier to look through.

Interview: Tatsujin

Ill even bring up Elfen Lied; from extreme gory scenes, fingers getting chopped right in your screen, CHILD abuse as well, drama and romance, mixture of characters and I mean … Everything was like dumped perfectly in that anime! I was pissed, but whatever.

Is there really a need for the “expired licensed” list to be in there? What did this long-time BoxTorrents member have to say?