You have a wonderful sense of humour, and it makes reading the recap so enjoyable. Myka March 30, at 6: Eun-Gyeol wonders how Johnny got Tae-Joon to do the photo shoot. Hyun-jae takes a moment to reassure Tae-joon that the rookie jumper is no match against him. Outdoor scenes shot in beautiful Vancouver are often stunning. And this gaydoc is soo crazy. To The Beautiful You – Episode 7.

With this , I’ll wait for the next Hana Kimi remake. This drama could be so much more,im so disappointed. Katsup October 8, at 5: I wish they had brought Da Hae back into the picture, because she really was perfect for him, and I would have loved to see him realize that. I wanna have that pic. A crush at my age Haha, you fave the playboy?

I am now impressed with Kim Woo Bin, and this is only the second drama I have seen him in, and always in bit roles at that. Here is my comparison:. Why haven’t I learned epidode K-version totally differs from the previous Jdrama. Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

Because I thought this was a community focused on Korean Dramas Overall he was alright, at times he was good – just outshined by the supporting characters. Eun-Gyeol wonders how Johnny got Tae-Joon to do the photo shoot.

Seugri is so darn HOT.

The Japanese version with Shun is my favorit with tight edge. It is not a ‘cut dog’ but a cute dog Epdrwma too old for crushes HAHA!


A Love So Beautiful Ep 1 – Watch A Love So Beautiful Ep 1 English sub online in high quality

When one dissects the show, it’s not great but I still enjoyed the 16 hours spent on it. Jeannette October 8, at 8: He returns to a darkened room and Jae-hee says that she was just about to change the lightbulb. Positive – who wouldnt say that how cute Sulli is with that short hair. Jae-hee rolls away with her bike, blustering about the competition. My Minds Flower Rain Episode More of Hanna and her new life without competitive sports or her new love.

You’re not planning to share the same room with JH forever, right, TJ?

In order to help her idol, a girl named Koo Jae-Hee Sulli disguises herself as a boy and enrolls at the same all male high school Eun-gyul catches Jae-hee beautiul after she hands in her transfer papers to the school office. Jaehee isn’t supposed to look like a boy As they peruse the eepdrama, Tae-joon shows Jae-hee a pair of shoes that he picks out.

Myka March 30, at 6: Yay more Eun-gyul daydreams! What about if he gets picked for the national soccer team? Moreover, she is not admitting into any Korea university in future so her concern is not so high.


Can I also say how much I love Eun Gyul’s imagination? Hoping they would have extra chapters where they will show the future of the extras. He did know that Jae-hee was a girl. You are commenting using your WordPress.

He’s so cute when he gets jealous. I don’t think I have a bias here Infinite’ L is an entirely different mattercause I’m always changing preferences between them. I might be lame but I feel like I’ve episodde some friends. And the idols wins. Till I Met You Episode But after getting mihno fever i was watchiing their old variety show and interviews.

To The Beautiful You engsub

And after it all, they still love and care for eachother and will be there till the end. Han-na-rang know when to shut up on this sacred secret. Definitely my favorite episode of any drama all week. Tae-Joon is in his dorm wondering where Jae-Hee is so late, he imagines her getting kissed by Johnny.