Don’t think you can escape. The reason why you passed the original fluid to “Igura” and allowed them to freely handle it, is so that you can spread the virus without interfering personally, hunt for the compatible ones among those infected with “Nicole” and kill them. The flawless pupils as if they were burning, accepting and returning my stare, glaring at me like he’ll never surrender. I wonder how you’ll change? What are you planning! What colour is it’s fur? If we get to the heart of the matter, we’re of the same origin, but completely different beings.

What you hate is not just me, you hate and fear everything that is born from me. It should be pretty good with a bit of metal. It’s because you let go of your hand. I don’t belong to anyone. This is because you can get everything at Toshima. Why, you want this don’t you? As long as you let him feel a bit of pleasure in the midst of pain, the body that has had a taste of sweetness will betray his consciousness and slowly fall. On the empty space that appeared before my eyes after passing through an alley, that man is there, with two mad dogs, and the trapped Akira.

Do you want pain?

She’s from the military. If only I could buy Line of a higher purity Not just that, but the very action of taking in this blood is already a big test for you. I said that there will not be a second time. I won’t use them. The overwhelming movement and action was far beyond my imagination. That is your wish. Who are you calling small fry? That is what you hate the most, born from my blood, “Line”, the original fluid of “Nicole” I’ll satisfy you properly.


Is there some reason behind this, or, is it a trap? Since when is there a cat with red fur!

I couldn’t have been discovered by him, but he was looking at me. He seems to stay within a certain small area, frequently going in and exiting.

Don’t let me say that a second time. I don’t care what he thinks, it was just because he was too noisy that I killed him. Why did you bring me here? The anxiety and the feeling as if I was shivering A bruise is left behind What are you talking about?

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I saw it in your eyes at that time. My spine immediately started shivering from caution. That precisely is wrong.

To opening of shine -Tsuioku- Shiki: You didn’t have to pick it up. So, what would you do? But, even if ugly and foolish, it will increase the radiance of the flame of the end. What colour is it’s fur? After a tought fight, I finally got rid of them. Sorry for the togaunu reply and thank you krisuke the comment! Without understanding your own weakness you’ll never acquire true strength.

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Just press down to it and it’ll end, really simple. You, what is your aim? I was wondering if I could translate this into Spanish?? Humans are also such, having no fangs, no claws, chl nothing to protect themselves with, yet wanting to climb to the top. The continuous rain had stopped unknowingly. To acquire power, I abandoned everything, even killed my kin.


Your body has remembered the sweetness of pleasure.

One day I’ll become as strong as you. Even to the very end, I will only follow my own will. Can I make him shut his mouth? That pair of narrow knives over there isn’t yours is it?

I know, even if drugs are used, if Line is used, that a suitable person that can show as strong a power as that man won’t appear so easily. The impromptu performance is over? I’d give you the proper credit cui link back of course! What’s goin- That black cloak and Japanese sword!

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I’m just giving a coward the treatment a coward deserves. Is the standard just this even after relying on drugs? He stepped on the heap of corpses, simply standing there with his back towards me, looking unbelievably defenseless.

This will be just nice to bring up your desire to kill. You can never win me, forever. A crazy game of pursuing empty dreams, and a reality that only progressively degenerates as you live on. I downloaded this CD a long time ago and I still never get tired of it It’s a place of death that rejects keisume life, and Akira is there too.

Humans will die sooner or later.