Everyone holds up three fingers. The last player to touch their finger to their nose must drink 2. Most tiles are one-shot deals, and when the tower falls, the rules and tiles are all reset. With either counter, it becomes their turn; otherwise, play proceeds normally. Round Robin – name a Survivor, past or present. Give 1 for every 10lb.

If they drink more, the next player gets the same choice. First one to answer wins. Write on one of the two large flat sides. You are safe the next time you have to drink even if it entails multiple drinks. Drink one for every player younger than you. First person to lose all three fingers must take a drink.

The Big List of Drinking Jenga Tiles

Sniezek Double Contract Toufhy one person 2 drinks. Glahe, why is your wife so young? You drink 1 for every person who beats you. Chris Sniezek Sniezek Dammit, Jim! Give 1 for every Strawberry Shortcake character you can name, plus anyone named Chuck drinks 4. The last person to switch their socks to their opposite feet must play without shoes or socks becomes The Hillbilly for the rest of the game.

Cudahy Friends of Grady I What a gem! These are just some of the tile options you can use in your game of drunk Jenga. Do not place this on top of toouchy tower this turn.

Any time you give drinks to someone, they get 1 extra. Give one person 2 drinks. Take a drink for every person that guesses the lie. Continue until one of you opts not to give a drink.


If you’ve never jumped naked into Sokokis Lake jengx and don’t right now – drink When someone chooses to drink less than the last player, the next player must drink 1 less than that, on down to zero. If you do not do this before the tower falls, you must drink 3. First one to answer wins.

Jenga Drinking Game

Swap drinks with the person whose drink is most full. If not, drink 3. Two people Dates Small groups of friends Small groups of strangers Parties. Have a member of the opposite sex put them back on for you. Pick another player at random. If you’re not Austin, tell Austin’s Joke or drink 4. First person to lose all three fingers must take toucuy drink.

Swap places with the second most beautiful person at the table mkvie Michelle.

Drunk Jenga

If the player successfully removes the tile without knocking over the tile, you must follow the rule of the tile. Condino Friends of Grady I Oops! Everyone must use these nicknames for the rest of the game. Every player who weighs less than you tuchy must drink 2. You have to refer to yourself in the third person for the rest of the game.


Drinking Jenga – Chuck Barber Edition Tile Set

Both of you drink 1. Sniezek Arms Race Give 1. Michelle Jaros Michelle Kwan Wear ice skates for the rest of the game or drink 2. Two drinks if the car was moving. Each player then takes a turn by using one hand to remove a tile.

Briglio Friends of Grady I Repellent aka The Rumsfeld [ original ] No matter what the person to your left says or does, you must actively disagree. Steal your neighbor’s drink, and drink for them the rest of the game. On any future turn, you may place this instead of pulling a new piece. If no one does, try again. Phil Cook Prince Phillip Kiss a live frog or drink 2.

Drink 1 for every 10lb. Every time you drink, they have to drink as well. Bare your biceps and flex for everyone. If you don’t have a mustache, play the rest of the game with your left index finger across your upper lip.

If you end up being wrong, you must accept the penalty instead of them.